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Visit the wild and the exotic national parks of India

Exploring the beauty of national parks in India is a heady indulgence. Watching fearsome species of animals live, walk and relax in their natural habitat is a delightful and spectacular experience. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India are the ideal place to witness the imposing beauty of nature and the exotic wildlife. Irrespective of burgeoning urbanization, there are many closed pockets in India that have successfully preserved the exotic wildlife.

Most popular national parks of India

  1. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka – Located in Karnataka, this is the most popular national park located in South India. Bandipur National Park is the natural abode to grand tuskers and many endangered species. This lush green forest of Deccan plateau, located 80 km away from Mysore and almost 215 km away from Bangalore, is definitely a must visit while you are enjoying South India tours.

  1. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand – Among all the national parks located across India, Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest and most popular one. It was established in 1936 by legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett, to protect the Bengal Tigers. Located in the foothills of mighty Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett Park is a hotspot for adventure junkies and those who want to witness the majestic wildlife live in their natural habitat. Visit this adventurous place through Uttarakhand Tourism.

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  1. Sunderbans, West Bengal – The Suderban National Park is one of the oldest and grandest wildlife sanctuaries in India. Located in the delta region formed by Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers flowing through West Bengal, this park shares its boundaries with neighboring nation, Bangladesh. Covered with dense mangrove and rain forest, Sunderbans is best known as the abode of Royal Bengal Tigers.


4.  Sariska National Park, Rajasthan – Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park is the first wildlife reserve in world which was beautifully adapted by the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers as their natural habitat. Apart from tigers, leopards, jungle cats, golden jackals and stripped hyenas are also found in this region. A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete if you do not visit this enchanting wildlife reserve.

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Visit The Wild And The Exotic National Parks Of India - Thomas Cook Blog
Witness the imposing beauty of nature and the exotic wildlife. Visit the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India.
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