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Houseboats in Kashmir – A Signature Experience for all

Sl No.Houseboats in KashmirApprox Rate Per Night
1Butt’s Clermont HouseboatINR 18500/- onwards
2Royal Group of HouseboatsINR 7000/- onwards
3Royal Dandoo HouseboatsINR 6000/- onwards
4Lighthouse HouseboatsINR 5000/- onwards
5Mughal Sheraton HouseboatsINR 5000/- onwards
6Savoy HouseboatsINR 3300/- onwards
7Young Bamboo HouseboatsINR 3100/- onwards
8Naaz KashmirINR 12,500/- onwards
9Butterfly HouseboatsINR 6500/- onwards
10New Jacquline HouseboatsINR 4500/- onwards
11Peacock HouseboatsINR 4000/- onwards
12New Golden Flower Heritage HouseboatINR 2500/- onwards
13Kashmir HouseboatsINR 2200/ – onwards
14Shelter Houseboats INR 2000/- onwards
15De-Laila HouseboatsINR 3000/- onwards

Houseboats in Kashmir attract a lot of tourist attention and it is one of the most recommended things to do in Kashmir. It’s a unique and exciting experience that you must enjoy with the whole family. You can rejoice uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Dal Lake and its surrounding landscapes. Enjoy Shikara rides during the day and take a trip to the floating markets and stores located on the lake.

In the evenings you can enjoy a nice cup of tea on the balcony of your luxurious houseboat and gaze into the mesmerizing sunsets and end your day with a warm dinner cooked on board. Most of the houseboats are owned and operated by locals who work hard to provide their visitors with a comfortable stay and warm hospitality. They are however registered with the Kashmir Tourism authorities. These locals are also your best guides and will ensure that you get to go on the best tours and have an amazing holiday.

More often than not you would end up sharing your houseboat with one or two other families. However, if you are your honeymoon or a romantic holiday, you can always opt for a smaller boat and book the entire thing for yourself.

In addition to fantastic location, hospitality and food these Houseboats in Kashmir are superbly built and designed. Also, check if you could get traditional Kashmiri food there. The houseboats are structurally sound but perhaps, the most string feature about them is their interior decoration.

Most of the houseboats, which are one of the many signature Kashmir Attractions, are traditionally designed with medieval style artworks and wooden carvings. The floors are lined with famous carpets from the region and all the furniture is also locally sourced. Kashmir tour packages will allow you to indulge in the best houseboat experience.

So, without wasting further time, go ahead and book yourself a memorable vacation and stay at a mesmerising Houseboat in Kashmir.

15 amazing houseboats in Kashmir

1. Butt’s Clermont Houseboat

A standard when it comes to Houseboats in Kashmir, Butt’s Claremont is a located on the western shores of the idyllic Dal Lake. The boat overlooks the famous Naseem Bagh (a 400-year garden established by the Mughals, its famous for its Chinar Trees) and is often rated as the number one houseboat in Kashmir.

The suites in the boat are warm and comfortable and up to date with latest standard and technology. The manager on site can help organize tours, trekking expeditions, as well as Shikara rides, should you choose to venture out and explore the many places to see in Kashmir.

  • Location: Hazratbal Rd, Naseem Bagh
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 18500/- onwards

2. Royal Group of Houseboats

This houseboat is ideally located with an uninterrupted view of the magnificent Mahadev Mountain ranges. The boat is elegant looking and beautifully designed.

The owners pride themselves on a providing their customers with world class hospitality and most of all privacy, which is a rare commodity among the hordes of houseboats docked on Dal Lake.

  • Location: Behind Hotel Leeward, Dal Lake Nehru Park
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 7000/- onwards

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3. Royal Dandoo Houseboats

Another fine example or Indian craftsmanship the Royal Dandoo Houseboats are an excellent place for you to stay. The interiors of the boats are complete with wooden panelling, cosy fireplaces and handicrafts. The owners can help organize bird watching and Mughal garden tours on request. Visiting these gardens is one of the not-to-be-missed things to do in Kashmir.

  • Location: Dal Lake, Nehru Park
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 6000/- onwards

4. Lighthouse Houseboats

Lighthouse Houseboats are time and again counted among the nest houseboats on the Dal lake. On board, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas, delicious food, excellent hospitality all things you need for a memorable vacation.

  • Location: Abi Karpora, Nehru Park, Dal Lake
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 5000/- onwards

5. Mughal Sheraton Houseboats

Among the more luxurious houseboats on Dal Lake, the Mughal Sheraton Houseboats are an excellent choice especially if you are on a honeymoon or romantic holiday.

The owners specialize in a wide range if travel services. They will help you plan and book the best tours and transportation. They can even help with tours to neighbouring places such as Sri Nagar and Gulmarg.

  • Location: Opposite of Park Hotel, Dal Lake
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 5000/- onwards

6. Savoy Houseboats

Trip Advisor has recommended the Savoy Houseboats as probably one of the best on Dal Lake. Their houseboats are an excellent option when it comes to budget accommodation without compromising n quality, view and environment.

The boats are decorated with handmade carpets, wooden carvings, walnut wood panelling and other tits and bits that will leave you amazed.

  • Location: Dal Lake, Nehru Park
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 3300/- onwards

7. Young Bamboo Houseboats

Young Bamboo Houseboats are famous for providing their guests with an unbelievable houseboat experience. Their boats are spotless, they serve delicious food and offer you an insight into the Kashmiri way of life.

  • Location: Gate 9, Boulevard Road, Dal Lake, Opposite New Park Hotel
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 3100/- onwards

Top houseboat experiences at Nagin Lake:

Image Sources

8. Naaz Kashmir

Naaz Kashmir is probably one of the most luxurious and dreamy houseboats in Kashmir. If you are looking for a private and intimate houseboat stay you must come to Naaz Kashmir. The houseboat is located on the Nagin Lake. It’s not as popular as Dal Lake, but equally gorgeous with significantly fewer people and boats.

In addition to magnificent views, amazing activities you can enjoy delicious barbeque dinner on board with your families and fellow travellers.

  • Location: Saderbal, Nigeen Lake, Sudribal
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 12,500/- onwards

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9. Butterfly Houseboats

Butterfly Houseboats have been named as the best houseboats in Kashmir time and again. They offer their guest a comfortable stay with an array of onboard facilities.

They have an adjoining garden area where you can enjoy your breakfast, well-trained staff who are familiar with the city and a parking facility if you have your own vehicle. This is a 5-Star property and rivals many luxury hotels in the area.

  • Location: Nigeen Lake, Lake Rd, Mirza Bagh, Sudribal
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 6500/- onwards

10. New Jacquline Houseboats

The New Jacquline Houseboats are located in the western end of the Nagin Lake. The surrounding area is quiet and peaceful, there are very few boats in the area. Their location is ideal for a quiet romantic getaway.

  • Location: Opposite Nigeen Club, Nigeen Lake
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 4500/- onwards

11. Peacock Houseboats

This is a wonderful 3-start facility that offers its guest a memorable stay at budget prices. On board, you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine, cosy rooms, internet and other modern amenities.

  • Location: Ghar No- 1, Nigeen Lake, Opposite Nigeen Club
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 4000/- onwards

12. New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat

New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat is ideal for backpackers or even a group of friends on a low budget. But don’t let the price fool you, as they are famous for their service and hospitality. The boat is aesthetically designed with all modern amenities.

They have a mini library, free wifi, private parking and an exclusive dining area.

  • Location: Shikara Ghat – 2, Nigeen Lake, Hazratbal Road
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 2500/- onwards

13. Kashmir Houseboats

Kashmir Houseboats pride themselves in upholding the local traditions. They have impeccably designed boats with influenced from South and central Asia.

They have a great staff, that are efficient and very helpful. And their boats are an excellent choice when it comes to budget accommodation in Kashmir.

  • Location: Hazratbal Road, Nigeen Lake, Opposite Nigeen Club
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 2200/ – onwards

Top Houseboat Experiences on Jhelum River:

Image Source

14. Shelter Houseboats

Shelter Houseboats are a pioneer group that own and operate some of the best houseboats in Kashmir. Their boats docked on the Jhelum river are amazing and are great for a family retreat.

They have around 10 boats with either 2 or 3-bedroom accommodation options. These boats are ideal for a group of friends and you can have the whole thing to yourself. Even as a couple you can book the entire boat as they are quite moderately priced.

  • Location: Lal Mandi Road, Near SPS Museum
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 2000/- onwards

15. De-Laila Houseboats

The De-Laila houseboat offers its guest a traditional homestay experience. They are located close to the city centre, hence ideally located if you are planning to travel around the town.

They serve delicious food, have simple and homely ambience, have great service and all modern amenities, all attributes that make them a popular choice among travellers.

  • Location: Boulevard Road, Opposite Park Hotel
  • Rate Per Night: Approx. INR 3000/- onwards


1. What are the 15 amazing houseboats in Kashmir?

15 amazing houseboats in Kashmir are:

  • Butt’s Clermont Houseboat
  • Royal Group of Houseboats
  • Royal Dandoo Houseboats
  • Lighthouse Houseboats
  • Mughal Sheraton Houseboats
  • Savoy Houseboats
  • Young Bamboo Houseboats
  • Naaz Kashmir
  • Butterfly Houseboats
  • New Jacquline Houseboats
  • Peacock Houseboats
  • New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat
  • Kashmir Houseboats
  • Shelter Houseboats
  • De-Laila Houseboats

2. What are the various places you can enjoy a stay at a houseboat in Kashmir?

You can enjoy houseboat experience in Kashmir at the following places:

  • Dal Lake
  • Nagin Lake
  • Jhelum River

3. Are houseboats in Kashmir Safe?

Absolutely, they are structurally sounds, well maintained as 100% safe to live in.

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