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Live in the woods like a boss

Endless timelines, pressing deadlines, long meetings, out of the blue conference calls and mountains of stress, this is our lives in a nutshell. The city life has engulfed us in its rough charm and we have settled for it. Pause everything and experience something beautiful in the arms of nature this summer. Experience life in the woods. Wondering how? Live in the woods like a boss in the following wildlife resorts:

The soothing roars of the Bengal Tiger:

Aman-I-Khas Resort is one of the most magnificent tent resorts in Ranthambore, Rajasthan. Here is where you can relax in front of a bonfire and yet be thrilled as you hear the Bengal tiger’s roar at a distance. This resort is a perfect getaway in the heart of greenery.  Check out our Rajasthan holiday packages for an ultimate summer getaway.                                  

Wild made soft:

For a perfect blend of the wild and calm, amidst Mother Nature, Maneland Jungle Lodge, Gir, Gujarat is the place to be. Live in the woods with an aesthetic touch. This resort offers the best view of the wildlife, which you can enjoy like a boss!

Close to the branches:

The Taj Baghvan Jungle Lodge, Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh is a unique wildlife resort in India. The open roof top machans allow you the closest view of the birds and monkeys. Not only this, the Pench National Park is just five minutes away.

The safari life:

The Sunderban Mangrove Retreat, Sunderban National Park, in West Bengal is another wildlife resort where you can spot the Bengal tigers. It offers fishing opportunities in the Gomor river and safari tours in the deep forests of Sunderbans. Also, here you can enjoy ‘Bonobibi Yatra’ which is an in-house tribal show performed by a team of 20 people.

The jungle book experience:

The Tusker Trails, Bandipur Wildlife Reserve, Karnataka brings you the elaborate jungle life. The cottages with lavish interiors and a private balcony, bring along an irresistible rustic charm. This resort offers outdoor sports, picnics, open air meals and swimming activities. Our top Karnataka holiday packages are perfect for a great holiday experience. 

Into the wild:

The Wild Grass Lodge, Kaziranga National Park, Assam is the oldest resort built on the world heritage site of Kaziranga National Park. The superb architecture of this resort offers comfort with a unique style and excellent service. The rhinos and the wild elephants make for a lovely view from the resort.

Live like the King of the jungle, Live in the woods

The Tree House Hideaway Resort, Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh brings with it a distinctive countryside feel, making one feel closest to nature. It is one of the best luxury jungle resorts in India. This is a wonderful opportunity to stay in tree houses and treasure this experience.

So far you would have only dreamed or imagined how it is to live in the woods. Here is your chance to live in the mighty jungle, like a boss! Grab this opportunity, start booking as you choose one of these spectacular wildlife resorts. This summer, experience comfort, luxury, wildlife beauty as you will be cuddled and pampered by nature.

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Live in The Woods Like a Boss - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
The city life has engulfed us in its rough charm and we have settled for it. Live in the woods like a boss in the following wildlife resorts:
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