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10 Most Inspirational Travel Bloggers In The World

There are good travel bloggers and then there are inspirational travel bloggers who would just transfer you to a whole new world just by the magic of their words. Travel bloggers are like magicians. They inspire you to travel, write and often create an aspiration for you to be somewhere else than the place where you are right now.

While there is a plethora of bloggers, there are a very few of them who have set examples for their readers. If you are looking to inspire your soul and gift yourself some travel goals then here are a few of the best ones you should be following.

1. Megan McDuffie and Michael Van Vliet

Image Source: freshoffthegrid

This couple travels around the world in their old Ford Focus and share fantastic guides to experience place in the most unconventional way. Their blog Fresh Off The Grid is also popular for whacky local recipes that they gather while they are on the road. Their blog doesn’t only make you wish you could travel but they make you wish to buy a barbecue set, camping gear and start your own culinary trail in the middle of nowhere.

  • Blog – Fresh Off The Grid

2. Rachel Jones

Image Source: hippie-inheels

An American by birth, Rachel Jones loves the beaches of Goa and the mysterious aura of Israel. As a cultural insider, Rachel Jones left her job as a nurse to quench her love for travel. Rachel’s blog Hippie in Heels shares stories from more than 35 countries where she has been to. Her Goa ebook always gets a special mention and is highly popular among the backpackers who are visiting India from overseas.
At the same time, her trendy fashion tips in the glamorous globetrotting section is also highly popular between the ladies who have a fetish for travel.

  • Blog – Hippie in Heels
  • Instagram –

3. James Kelly

Image Source: escapingabroad (James Kelly Swimming With A Whale Shark)

James Kelly is the founder of Escaping Abroad and is known for sharing the most wildest and adventurous travel experiences. He shifted overseas after he started finding his regular job too dull and boring. Today, his travel blog has millions of subscribers who visit his site to read about his adventures of swimming with sharks, running into snakes in a jungle of Costa Rica and cycling up to an active volcano. This blog is a must follow for anyone who has a thing for extreme adrenaline adventures.

  • Blog –
  • Facebook –

5. Shivya Nath – One of the Most Inspirational Travel Bloggers

Image Source – The Shooting Star (Shivya Nath)

Often counted among the first female solo travellers from India, Shivya is known for her flawless writing and her work in protecting the ecology of the Himalayan regions. She has travelled around India and abroad and has the ability to transfer you to the place where she is traveling with the power of her words.
As a blogger she has been featured on different magazines and publications around the world. Her travel adventures include places like Guatemala, Jordan, Germany, Georgia, Trinidad & Tobago amongst few. She’s indeed one of the most inspirational travel blogger.

  • Blog – The Shooting Star
  • Instagram –

6. Sarah and Nathan

Image Source – Exploring Kiwis (Sarah And Nathan)

This amazing couple runs a travel blog by the name of Exploring Kiwis. Hailing from New Zealand, they have been to more than 50 countries. Their blog is popular for fresh content that they publish every week with their interesting anecdotes and quick guides to places they have been to. Being the travellers that they are, they post content that is really helpful for other backpackers who are visiting a new country for the first time.

  • Blog – Exploring Kiwis
  • Instagram –

7. Mark Wiens

Image Source – Migrationology (Mark Wiens)

Mark calls himself a ‘full time travel eater’ who travels around the world in search of good and exotic food. Anyone who has love for food and is always game to try something new, even if it requires traveling to distant places. Then Mark’s blog ‘migrationology’ will inspire them to do so. He’s one of the inspirational travel bloggers for all the foodies out there.
Migrationology also features list of places where you can eat for major cities of the world, quick travel guides and a curated list on the best airplane food that one can find on a 10 star flight.

  • Blog – Migrationology
  • Instagram –

8. The Kosman Family

Image Source – The Barefoot Nomad (Micki And Charles Kosman)

The world never stops for the Kosman family nor do they. The couple Charles and Micki Kosman along with their children Cole and Jordan, have been traveling the world and documenting it on their blog ‘The Barefoot Nomad’. They have travelled through Cuba, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, France and many other countries over the years.
What makes Barefoot Nomad different than other blogs is that the Kosmans really know how to document their adventures as a family. Whether you are looking a quick tip on the best places to eat in Costa Rica or getting your family quicker through Airport security check. This blog has it all.

  • Blog – The Barefoot Nomad
  • Instagram –

9. Matt Karsten

Image Source – Expert Vagabond (Matt Karsten)

Matt Karsten is one of the top travel photographers who shares his travel stories with amazing, mind blowing photographs on his blog ‘Expert Vagabond’. You can find surreal images of mountains, waterfalls, snow filled landscapes and national parks. He’s one of the most inspirational travel bloggers for anyone who is interested in photography and wants to make a career as a travel photographer.

  • Blog – Expert Vagabond
  • Instagram –

10. Neelima Vallangi

Image Source – The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales (Neelima Vallangi)

Neelima who hails from India has a special love for standing at places from where she can touch the clouds. She is one of the flag bearers of responsible tourism. She writes a lot about reducing the loads of plastic from the mountains. Despite traveling around more than 10 countries, Neelima has special love for Indian culture and heritage.
Her travel stories on the monsoon trails that she has done around India will also make you buy a raincoat and start chasing the rains.

  • Blog – The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales
  • Instagram –

Now that you have a list of amazing inspirational travel bloggers who can guide you through your wanderlust and find a perfect place where you belong, then you should start reading these blogs now and book your flight tickets. What are you waiting for?

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There are good travel bloggers and then there are inspirational travel bloggers who transfer you to a new world with magic of their words.
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