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6 Best Tree Houses in India Which Are In High Demand

Sl. No.Tree Houses in IndiaLocationApproximate Distance from Airport
1The Tree House ResortJaipur48.6 km from Jaipur Airport
2Tree House HideawayBandhavgarh200 km from Jabalpur Airport
3Manali Tree Houses CottageManali33.2 km from Manali Airport
4 Vythiri Tree HouseWayanad76.2 km from Kozhikode Airport
5The MachanJambulne near Lonavala88.5 km
6Hornbill Tree House ResortDandeli80.2 km

There is no one particular place that is known to have the best tree houses in India. India, being the incredible country it is, has some gems scattered throughout the country. You will find some of the most beautiful looking, cozy and best tree houses in India in the most unexpected places. This article sheds light on some of them so that you can plan your next vacation, weekend or a retreat to one of these stunning places.

The Best Tree Houses in India

1. The Tree House Resort

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Why You Should Visit the Tree House Resort?

Jaipur, as we all know, is known for its luxury and a kingly way of life. There is no compromise in comfort in the state of Rajasthan and you would see the Tree House Resort in Jaipur reflecting the same ideology. Apart from the places of interest you look forward to visiting in the region, what should make it to your bucket list is also this one of the best tree houses in India. The luxe resort speaks volumes about the comfort you would experience when here.

What is the Specialty of the Jaipur Tree House?

There are three classes of tree house nests you would find in The Tree House Resort, Jaipur. Each class comes with a five-star quality of services, facilities, ambience and comfort. Perched conveniently on top of keekar trees, you would spend your time amidst live branches that traverse right through your room. Often, you would also be visited by some of the indigenous species of the region to give you company during your stay.

With each nest carrying the name of a distinct bird, you can find luxury nests, deluxe nests, and private suits. You can choose among room sizes of 2, 3 and 5 and experience facilities like LED televisions, wireless internet, beverage maker, minibar and more.


You would know why the Tree House Resort is one of the best with its two distinct dining options. There is a tree house restaurant that serves delicacies handpicked by signature chefs from multiple cuisines. You can also find a soothing bar which is a 400-year-old relic from the Mughal dynasty. It has been restored into a bar, where you would drink like the emperors did.


Nestled in a calm environment with the best of nature, you are in for a delight with the Tree House Resort, Jaipur. It is also highly recommended by several distinct travel magazines.

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2. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

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Why You Should Visit the Bandhavgarh Tree House?

When it comes to some of the best tree houses in India, the Tree House Hideaway has always been on the top 3 list. Due to its location and facilities, it has always been a hub for celebrated photographers, wildlife enthusiasts and curious historians for decades. Spanning over a massive 21 acres, the Tree House Hideaway offers jaw-dropping views of the jungle it is situated in, a fort and species of flora and fauna.

What is Special About this Tree House in Bandhavgarh?

Firstly, it is located amidst a tiger reserve. Secondly, the animals in the region find a friendly solace in the resort, offering you amazing views of them. Next, the tree houses blend a mixture of heritage and contemporary architecture that boast of eco essentials and earth stones. Some of the facilities you would find in this tree house include contemporary rooms with attached bathrooms, air conditioners, minibars, loungers and more. You can choose to stay on trees like Banyan, Palash, Mahua, Tendu and Peepal depending on your preference.


The restaurant in this resort is over a hundred years old and is perched atop a Mahua tree. Split into two levels, the fine dining option is at the ground floor and serves international delicacies. The top floor is called the Watering Hole and aptly serves wine and beverages.


If you want to share a property with some wild animals in their territories, we would like to share that it does not get better than this.

3. Manali Tree Houses Cottage, Manali

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Why You Should Stay at the Manali Tree Houses Cottage

It is a family run getaway ideal for you if you are located somewhere in the state’s vicinity like New Delhi. It would be a great weekend retreat to refresh amidst your busy work schedule. You can also dedicate time to visiting this place because of the convenience and views of the Himalayas it offers. With friendly people running the show, it is indeed one of the best tree houses in India.

What is the Specialty of the Manali Tree House?

One of the major advantages of the place is its ambience and location. You would actually be amidst apple orchards and get to see and taste fruits like walnuts, pear, persimmon and plums. Secondly, the tree houses in Manali offer some of the best views of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, allowing you to wake up to them. You are also close to the river Beas from here. The place is simple with its elegantly designed rooms and basic amenities. They arrange tons of activities and help you out with adventure tour operators for you to have a special holiday.


Since it is a family-run venture, you would get to taste authentic Himachali cuisine apart from some of your favourite delicacies. Besides, they serve genuine jams and pickles made indigenously in the region. If you intend to try your hands at cooking on the lap of nature, you can go ahead and use their kitchen.


If you want to stay in a place that doesn’t feel like you are staying in a rented accommodation but more like in a friend’s house, this is one of the best tree houses in India for it.

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4. Vythiri Tree House, Kerala

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Why You Should Visit the Kerala Tree House?

Talking about nature and tree houses and missing out on Kerala? Impossible! That is why we bring you the Vythiri Tree House in Kerala, which is one of the best tree houses in India for its specific reasons. Located in one of the most crowd-pulling locations in Kerala – Wayanad, this is a haven for all types of travellers. No matter if you are a solo traveller, a couple on a honeymoon or a family, this tree house in Kerala will make your holiday all the more special. It is located in a canopy of rainforest trees that uses the very best of eco-friendly materials and elements to complement your stay. For instance, you will find the natural spring water flowing in the region for essential purposes and solar energy as a power source.

What is the Speciality of this Tree House in Kerala?

The tree houses were built using indigenous sources and raw materials by the local tribes living in the region. The build of the tree houses are spectacular and would require you to go on a small suspension bridge to reach your room. All the basic amenities are provided in the room and you are also required to take minimum baggage with you to your rooms. You can keep your big suitcases with the hotel staff and take only what is necessary to your rooms. Inside the property, you will find services and facilities like health clubs, games room, natural pool, swimming pool, spa, and an ayurvedic center.


Vythiri Tree House also has a multi-cuisine restaurant and a coffee house inside its premises.


If you are looking for a hideout from your daily life, spend time amidst nature and indulge in activities, the Vythiri Tree House is probably the best option.

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5. The Machan, Jambulne

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Why You Should Visit The Machan?

If you want an instant retreat to natural ecosystems and breathe fresh air, The Machan is ideal for it. Part of the world’s top 25 biological hotspot list, the Machan with its high-raised tree houses offers you one of the most unique experiences in Maharashtra. The Machan is located in a place called Jambulne, which is a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai and a 1.5-hour drive from Pune. The place speaks the language of serenity and offers several interesting facilities and services.

What is the Speciality of the Tree House near Mumbai?

From the views it offers from your room to offbeat facilities like a bathtub on the decks, this is one quirky place of retreat in Maharashtra. You have close to 6 accommodation options available with the Machans such as the Heritage, Canopy, Forest, Jungle, Sunset and Woods. From fig trees to canopies, you can find accommodation based on your preference and enjoy the views and comfort. Apart from the basic amenities that it offers, it also provides specialized experiences like bird spotting and spa. With intelligent interiors, handpicked furniture and neat wooden flooring, the machans are truly one of a kind.


This is one of the best tree houses in India for the fact that you have multiple options to stay in, high-raised accommodations, connectivity-free environment and that you can completely surrender to nature.

6. Hornbill Tree House Resort, Dandeli

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Why You Should Visit the Hornbill Tree House Resort?

Most of us are familiar with a place like Goa because of either frequent visits or surfing about it online. But little do we know that exactly 125 kilometres away from the state is one of the best tree houses in India. Yes, located in Dandeli at the heart of the Deccan flora and fauna rests a quaint tree house known as Hornbill Tree House. It is very close to the river called Kali and is ideal for those who are into adventure, exploration, wildlife and bird spotting.

What is the Specialty of The Hornbill Tree House Resort?

For its guests, the Hornbill Tree House Resort offers three types of accommodation – tent houses, tree houses and cottages. Each type of accommodation comes with a specific pricing and you can choose one that meets your needs. As far as the tree houses are concerned, you can book your houses as a package that includes a boat ride, a visit to an island where you can experience a Jacuzzi, trekking, bird spotting, fishing, visit the stargazing point, food and accommodation.

The tree houses are perfectly built to offer optimum comfort during the stay and have classy interiors as well. Made of bamboo and woods, it is ideal for a getaway during any time of the year. One of the major advantages with the Hornbill Tree House is that they arrange a number of activities to make your stay more memorable. Apart from offering you accommodation on the lap of Mother Nature, you also get to indulge in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, water rafting, safaris, kayaking, nature walks and more.


They offer food as part of the accommodation tariff.


No matter if you are visiting the place with your corporate team, your friends, family or your spouse, you have enough facilities and activities to have a whale of a time. This is one of the best tree houses in India that encompasses a lot of activities and amenities at once.

So what do you think of our list? Offbeat as usual, right? These were some of the best tree houses in India and you would know why they are best in their niche once you visit the place, open your eyes to nature and give in to her perennial beauty. If you have experienced a unique tree house in India, share them on your comments.

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