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The Land of Tulips: Holland

Holland is a small country situated between the North Sea, Germany and Belgium. When you think of Holland, there are several things that come to mind; art, cheese, windmills, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, endless beautiful landscapes and of course blooming tulips. This shows exactly how much this small country has to offer. And if you’re not one for the famed upbeat nightlife of Amsterdam, you needn’t worry, there’s tons more you can do. For example, take a canal cruise across the city and discover the hundreds of bridges and old houses that populate this beautiful city. If you time your vacation right, you could also visit Floriade, which is the largest flower expo in the whole of Europe Tours. Spanning across 66 hectares, of which 40 hectares are an indoor flower exhibition.

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For the art enthusiast, Holland is as close as it gets to being in heaven. Amsterdam being the birthplace of the Dutch art movement saw the likes of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer gain prominence and popularity. You will be spoilt for choice as Holland houses over a thousand museums, The Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum being the most famous. One could also join the Dutch in their favourite mode of transport, cycling and take a planned cycle vacation across the country. The extremely flat countryside and well marked cycle tracks make it a fun and exciting experience.Let’s not forget about the famous windmills, however clichéd seeing the windmills in Holland might be, you have to see them in person to believe how grand they are. Along the Dutch countryside, you will find the 19 World Heritage windmills of Kinderdijk, which will make the most perfect postcard picture you will ever see.

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These are a few of the several attractions Holland has to offer its visitors; a few other attractions include cheese, the 13,500 acre Hoge De Veluwe National Park which boasts of a large population of red deer, roe deer and mouflen, a Mediterranean variety of sheep. Not to forget the many museums at The Hague, and the Madurodam, a 1:25 scaled version of Amsterdam.

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So make your next vacation a tad bit unconventional and set off to the Netherlands Holiday.

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The Land of Tulips: Holland - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
So make your next vacation a tad bit unconventional and set off to the Netherlands Holidays, Holland. Plan your next trip to Holland.
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