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Top 11 Tips for a Solo or Women Traveller

Many people baulk at the idea of solo or women traveller, more so if it’s a women travelling alone.

‘It’s not safe.’, ‘What’ll you do all the time?’, ‘What if you get into trouble or fall sick?’ These are just some of the questions that come up. However, there are countless women, across age groups, who travel alone and who love every moment of it.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the big leap (women or not), there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Choose your destination carefully if you are a solo or women traveller

It might be a book or a movie that triggered the desire to travel to a particular destination. But dig deeper and find more reasons to go.


2 Buy forex online

Once you know you’re travelling, the next thing you do is buy forex online and get a prepaid travel card, like a Thomas Cook forex card. You will get it cheaper and if you book well in advance (up to 60 days before you travel), you can check live currency rates and buy it at a lower rate. In fact, if you continue to check live currency rates, and the rate goes up, you can even sell forex online to recover some of your costs.

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3 Plan the first night

Plan the first night of every destination carefully. Make sure you reach well during day hours so you do not waste time looking for the place. And also have enough time to find alternative accommodation if the place makes you uncomfortable as you are the solo or women traveller. Your borderless prepaid card is accepted everywhere, and you can quickly swipe it at your new hotel.

4 Pack light

The less you carry the easier you can travel, and you will also save on excess baggage costs. Put together a wardrobe that has some base colours, a few extras for contrast and a dash of bright colour. Carry comfortable shoes that look pretty too. You can always use your one currency card to pick up something local and unique.


5 Picture the basics only

While you need to plan your holiday in detail, keep an open mind for new experiences. Just make sure your basics of travel, flight, accommodation, travel insurance policy, etc. are taken care of. This also includes arranging for your borderless prepaid card.

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6 Meal times don’t have to be lonely

You don’t have to sit alone at meal times. You can find local cooking classes or food-themed day tours that you can easily pay for with your one currency card. Or simply befriend any other single traveller and invite them over to your table. Unless, of course, you prefer the solitude.


7 Meet other travellers

Build friendships with other solo or women traveller. Staying at a hostel is an excellent way to connect with new people. You can learn from their experiences and pick up handy travel tips from them too.


8 Keep your accommodation to yourself

You do not need to disclose where you’re staying to anyone, however friendly they might appear to be. It is your safe haven’t. If they insist, be vague.

9 Keep your documents, cards and cash safe

Take utmost care of your passport, travel insurance policy, and your travel prepaid card. Always carry backup copies and keep some with a trusted source back home. The good thing about your prepaid travel card is that in the event you lose it, you can get a replacement very quickly. If you are using a Thomas Cook forex card, you can get a replacement on the same day and also $500 as an emergency fund.

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10 Be insured

When you book forex online, also make sure you buy travel insurance online. The best travel insurance offers you protection against issues like delayed or missed flight, lost baggage, and even takes care of medical bills.

11 Become one with the locals

As tourists, it is our responsibility that we contribute to the local economy. Stay, eat and buy local as far as possible, and make sure the money you spend isn’t going to leave the country. Connect with the locals to get a true flavour of the country.

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