10 Things That Prove Travelling Is Not Just A Hobby But A Way Of Life

The world is gigantic. Millions and millions of square miles stretched like a fabric wrapped around a cosmic tennis ball. And where we stay for most of our lives is analogous to one single, microscopic, alien-green hair on it. Imagine the joy of exploring millions of other such places; places that are similar, but also a little different. Places that are so very different, but also a little similar. And that joy, my friends can be attained only if, like a fish suddenly introduced to a whole new world outside the sea, we too are plucked out of our familiar environment, and dropped into a zone that offers us not just new things to look at, but new people to meet, new experiences to enjoy, and new lessons to learn. Travelling, in a nutshell, is simply and exactly that. And it is not just a hobby. ‘Hobby’ is too light and understated a word to describe something as all-encompassing as travelling. Travelling is a school. A school that doesn’t just teach you the what, but also the how. It is the stuff of dreams, a way of life. But why? Let’s find out.

1. A wealth of knowledge

Travelling gives you an amount of exposure that is rivaled by nothing else. When you go to a foreign country, you gather so much knowledge about the customs of that country and learn so much about their culture and heritage. You’ll look at buildings and monuments previously unseen and unheard of. You’ll learn about their history, their cuisine and much more. Every country, like a book, holds within itself a wealth of knowledge. And when you travel there, you get to be the reader.

2. You will surprise yourself

When you’re in the comfort of familiarity, only some parts of your psyche are active. You know what to expect, and you meet the same people in the same surroundings. But when you step out and travel the world, your mind will offer itself to you like a Pandora’s Box. Different, surprising traits of your own character will come to the fore because those parts of yourself that were stuck in the rut of familiarity will suddenly be active. You will learn so much about yourself that you never knew to be true.

3. A booster shot to your energy

Your daily routine can be taxing. Everyone needs a break to re-energise and rejuvenate themselves. And isn’t travelling the perfect opportunity to do exactly that? You’ll be far away from office deadlines, work-related worries and the difficulties of life; sipping cocktails on a beach with nary a worrying thought in your chilled out head.

4. The stranger can be your friend

I mean, honestly, who talks to strangers on their daily commute to work? A ‘hi’ here, a ‘hello’ there and asking which side the platform will be on does not constitute as a conversation. But when you’re exploring new places, the stranger can be your friend. A meaningful, philosophical discussion with a complete stranger can be so relaxing and enjoyable. There is every chance that stranger might turn out to be a close friend, or in a rare but wholly possible scenario, a life partner.

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5. The unmatched satisfaction of problem-solving

You can plan your travel itineraries all you want, but keep in mind, things will never go according to plan. There are bound to be some hiccups when you travel to an unknown place. In dutiful accordance with one Mr Murphy, you might run out of cash, your bus may break down, or you can simply be lost. And you’ll then have to think on your feet and use those long hibernating grey cells to improvise and cross these hurdles.

6. Open-mindedness

Travelling to new places exposes you to people that can be polar opposites of what you’re accustomed to. They have their own stories to tell and their own beliefs to teach. You’ll be surprised at how accepting and tolerant you become of entirely new ideas, belief systems and ways of lives. Your mind will be so open and wide, a Boeing 747 could pass through it.

7. Smartness lies on the streets

Oh the boons of street smarts! From getting the best deals on hotels and lodgings to finding the cheapest rides; from exploring the nooks and crannies of narrow streets, to know where to get the best food and trinkets. It all lies in being street smart. And travelling makes you smarter on the streets because you have to figure out everything on your own.

8. Skill it up! – Secrets of Travelling

We all love to try out new things when we travel. And that is because we are magically released from inhibitions that otherwise bind us from letting go. During our travel, we dance like maniacs at parties; we take up new hobbies and try adventure sports. And you never know, any of these activities can turn into your passion, and you’ll find yourself with an all-new set of skills in your kitty.

9. Food, Food, and Food.

The street food of Thailand, the perfect Italian pizza, a New York hot dog, a bistro in Paris, these are all the experiences you can have only when you travel. The world is a food paradise. Rest assured that a traveller will eventually become a foodie. And for those of us who are already foodies, jumping, galloping mackerels, travel is food! One, giant restaurant serving world cuisine.

10. The accumulation of dreams

We don’t all have dreams. Some dream from the moment they start walking. Some dream when they pass out of college. But some of us can’t really dream, not unless we know what’s out there. Because those some, they dream when they travel. Who’s to say that on a relaxing sojourn across Italy munching on pasta, you suddenly realise that you’re enjoying so much, you’d be better off living there, making your own pasta. When travelling, dreams are conceived, and also when travelling, dreams are born.

Pack your bags, book your tickets, and get out there. It’s okay even if you do not plan because some things are best enjoyed unplanned. Scale a mountain peak on one day and Travelling is a school. A school that doesn’t just teach you the what, but also the how. It is the stuff of dreams, a way of life. But why? Let’s find outgo down a narrow alley on another. Travel; travel all you can, travel as long as you have legs to walk and eyes to see. And travel even if you don’t have both. Because we are not trees with roots. Because the world was not found by staying at one place, the world was discovered by explorers venturing into the unknown. Check out the best holiday packages of Thomas Cook.

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10 Things That Prove Travelling Is Not Just A Hobby But A Way Of Life
Travelling is a school. A school that doesn’t just teach you the what, but also the how. It is the stuff of dreams, a way of life. But why? Let’s find out.
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