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An Ultimate Winter Holiday Packing Checklist

The season of warm clothes, foggy mornings and hot chocolate is just around the corner. Yes, we are talking about the winters. The season when the temperature goes down and the sun finally decides to be a somewhat merciful on our souls will start in a few days and so will begin the countdown for snowfall in the mountains.
For every traveling soul, this is the perfect time to pack their bags and get going for a vacation. But do you know the necessary items that one needs to pack? If not, then here is an ultimate winter holiday packing checklist that will help you survive your next winter vacation.

1. Backpack

Travel Backpack

Choosing a backpack or a carry bag for your traveling is important for your trip. A good 60L backpack fits all your travel requirements and eases your life. While choosing one for your travels, always make sure that it has multiple compartments so that you can prioritize your luggage from most important to the least important. This is the most essential part when it comes to winter holiday packing checklist.

2. Small Water Bottle or a Thermo flask

Small Travel Bottle

Water bottles eliminate the need of buying packaged drinking water and in return save you a lot of money. Water bottles also eliminate the contamination that empty bottles of mineral water cause when people throw them carelessly.

3. Warm Jackets

Warm Jacket For Winters

A good warm jacket protects you from the cold atmosphere and keeps the temperature of your body warmer than the temperature outside. There are different jackets available in the market that you can choose from. These jackets are designed according to their temperature resilience and warmth index.
The higher the temperature resilience of the jacket the more it will be effective in places with cold climate. Make sure you add this in your winter holiday packing checklist.

4. Sweatshirts and pullovers

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When you are traveling to a cold place then one jacket, doesn’t matter how effective it is in lower temperature, is not effective. It is always advised to wear layers of clothes. A good sweatshirt or pullover inside your jacket also increases the warmth of your body making you withstand the sub-zero temperature.

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5. Thermal Wears

Image Source – icecoffeecouture (Thermal T-Shirts)

Inner thermal wears are very important during your winter trips. A lot of places experience cold mornings and then the afternoons are warm and sunny. The best way to save yourself from a sudden drop in temperature is to put on the first layer of a good thermal wear. With a good thermal wear, you can also flaunt your nice t-shirts and dresses for Instagram worthy pictures.

6. Woolen cap, gloves, and socks

Woolen Essentials

Woollen caps, gloves and socks are your primary level of defence at the body parts that are usually most exposed and catch a cold first. These should be the part of your necessary clothing kept in the outer compartment of your backpack. If you add these little basic things in your winter holiday packing checklist, half of your packing for vacation is sorted.

7. Boots

Winter Boots

When traveling in winters, always skip shoes for a nice pair of boots. They are really sturdy and don’t allow water or snow to get inside your feet. It keeps your feet warm and dry during the outdoor walks and is way sturdier compared to sneakers and sports shoes.

8. Sunglasses

Winter Sunglasses

Sunglasses are really important for the winter trip. The higher you go the intensity of the sunlight increases. If you are going on a snowbound trip then the ultraviolet effect goes higher in the presence of snow. This can cause some serious snow blindness if your eyes don’t have proper protection. While snow is beautiful, standing in the beautiful white carpet of everything happy and nice can cause some serious issues in your eyes so it is wise to invest in a nice pair of anti UV sunglasses.

9. Scarves

Winter Scarves

Often a good jacket fails to protect the neck region from the cold. The best way to ensure that your throat is warm and free from any kind of cough, cold and tonsils is that by wrapping a scarf. A good scarf also makes you look stylish as the layers and layers of warm clothing usually don’t come with great design.
There are a lot of varieties of scarves in the market that range from woollen to artificial fur. Your fashion conscious soul can totally go ahead and choose one or many depending upon the kind of trip you are going on.

10. Turtleneck

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks are the best neck and throat protection option for those who are not a big fan of scarves. These stylish turtlenecks are also an amazing option for layering and save a lot of room in the luggage eliminating the need for heavy jackets. Turtlenecks are light and extra warm that keeps you comfortable during your winter trips.
If you put on with multiple layers of clothing then turtlenecks are perfect to accompany you on a snow trek too. Unlike jackets that come in a single colour, turtlenecks are available in different designs and styles. A fashion conscious soul would definitely love the idea of ditching warm jackets in the next trip and replacing it with one of these.

11. Medicines – Most Important Thing To Add In Winter Holiday Packing Checklist

Image Source – WeekendNotes

Now, this is the most essential part while planning for winter holiday packing checklist. Always have room for your winter medicines in your luggage. You should never forget to carry the medicines recommended by your doctor. Keep anti-fungal cream, pain relief spray, balm for headache, cough and cold syrup, antibiotics, and medicines that would prove handy against running nose and sudden cold. Snowbound trips to higher mountains also give you AMS so a pack of Diamox won’t be a bad idea.

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12. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Taking a hot shower in the winters sounds like such a great idea. If you are on your honeymoon trip then a dip in the warm infinity pool or spending time in a private Jacuzzi is also a memorable experience. But once you are out of that pool, you are again surrounded by the cold air that was probably waiting patiently all this time.
Make sure that you have dried your hair properly after your bath. While a lot of luxury hotels and resorts provide a hair dryer among the amenities, it is safe to carry one of yours too. Adding this to your winter holiday packing checklist won’t take much space.

Now that you’re all set with your checklist, its time to book your flight tickets through Thomas Cook. And the next time you are planning a winter trip and wondering if anything is left behind, you can always come back to this list for a quick double-check. Happy winter to you!

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