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Why Do You Need Foreign Exchange?

Foreign Exchange is a means of exchanging two currencies of two different countries at a rate determined by market forces. Currently, the foreign currency market is valued at more than 5 trillion a day. This makes it the biggest market in terms of liquidity in the world today. Great Britain has the largest share of the foreign currency market in the world with more than 40% transactions taking place in the British capital city of London. This article gives you an overview of Forex and explains as to why do you need foreign exchange?

How does the Forex Market Work?

The Foreign Exchange Market is global and trading of currencies takes place all over the world. There are basically two ways of trading currencies bilaterally over the counter and electronically. Today, there are reliable currency exchange firms such as Thomas Cook who offer online trading of currencies and a host of other services related to foreign exchange.

Why do you need Foreign Exchange?

Today, we live in a world where the exchange of goods and services happens for money. This money is in the form of a particular currency. Now, the value of one currency will not be the same as that of another. This is why Foreign Currency is the spine of international investments and global trading. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to determine the value of goods and services imported and exported by different countries to each other. And without having the possibility to trade, companies that rely on overseas resources and talent would be completely crippled. Also, there would be major problems for foreign travellers to buy or sell anything while abroad.

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Why do you need a Foreign Exchange Market?

Foreign Currency rates fluctuate based on the market forces of demand and supply. They also fluctuate on the basis of the global sentiments pertaining to a particular country and its currency. This means the rates can change at any given moment. Without a foreign exchange market, it would be very difficult to determine a value for each foreign currency and this would make it difficult to exchange different currencies for one another.

All in all, it is the foreign currency and the foreign exchange market that make it possible to have a smooth day to day functioning of the world and the many different countries and economies here. Without foreign currency, modern day trade and commerce would not be possible at all.

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