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100 Places To Visit In Goa, How Many Have You Been To?

If we people are to speak of the uncharted places to explore, then Goa is its exact opposite. Everybody has been to Goa; everybody wants to go to Goa, and after visiting the place everybody chants ‘Go Goa’. There are so many things to do in Goa. It is a secret to none that whatever the occasion, travellers see Goa as the perfect destination to seek respite. So, as you go on to read this further, let’s see how many have you covered of these 100 places to visit in Goa.

Places to Visit in Goa, The Beaches

1. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach

This beach may not be amongst the ideal spots for swimming, but certainly, an ideal one for lazing around, sunbathing and strolling – a paradise for those seeking to unwind. One of the prominent beaches in South Goa, Agonda beach is home to a turtle centre looking after the precious Olive Ridley eggs. If you are looking for that perfect beach that offers space and solitude, Agonda beach is certainly your safe haven.

2. Anjuna Beach – One of the recommended places to visit in Goa

One of the hot favourite beaches in Goa, Anjuna beach is laden with striking natural beauty and sprinkles of white sands. The moonlight rave parties by the beach, especially during the time of New Year and Christmas., are quite familiar cross Goa and worldwide – one of the magnetic factors for foreign and domestic tourists alike. If this doesn’t sound happening enough, then there’s Bungee Jumping from an 80 feet tower, Para Gliding and Wind Surfing to up the ante for your visit to Anjuna.

3. Arambol and Harmal Beach

Arambol and Harmal Beach – Goa Beaches

An extended stretch of over 16 kms, this one is an amalgamation of two beaches – Arambol Beach and Harmal Beach. The latter, which is more popular, is a long-curved stretch offering that perfect spot for peace seeking tourists. The former, lies behind a rocky stretch and is accessible only on foot. On its either side are the outlines of steep cliffs. A fresh water lagoon, which trails down to the bottom of the valley into a dense jungle is just picture perfect. Popular for paragliding, dolphin watching boat rides, wind & kite surfing, body boarding and sailing.

4. Arossim Beach

Studded with palm trees, lightened by blue ocean, sprinkled with golden sand and wooden boats strewn across the shore. That’s the Arossim beach. For those who seek party and leisure, this one stands amongst the places to visit in Goa. There’s water surfing, scooting, para sailing, water skiing, swimming, sun bathing, speed boat rides and fishing. The beach is usually empty and offers the right feel for a peaceful stroll.

5. Baga Beach – One of the best places to visit in Goa for beach-lovers

Baga Beach Goa

Amongst the top happening places in Goa is the Baga Beach, well known for its beach shacks and the enjoyable sea food. The beach boasts of a buzzing nightlife, and houses some of the rocking night clubs like Mambos and Tito’s, that always hosts hordes of party lovers. You can visit Mackie’s Saturday night market for some amazing shopping offers. As far as Goa tourism is concerned, Baga is always on a traveller’s itinerary, for its perfect blend of happening nightlife and fun beaches. You may partake in activities like para sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing. This is truly one of the places to visit in Goa.

6. Ashwem

This one is another isolated beach in Goa, embraced in the vast stretches of sands. Ashwem is a clean sandy beach that rests in the kisses of the gentle waves. You must try the mouth-watering seafood at Ashwem beach – which is also a nesting spot for the Olive Ridley Turtles – they are a rare species. It is rocky beach often frequented by families for picnics.

7. Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach

This tiny, clean and almost uncharted beach rests in utmost calm. You will find some beautiful shells by the shore – especially a lot of oyster shells. The shacks by the beach offer some tasty Goan cuisine that will tickle your taste buds. Bambolim beach is a great spot for tourists who love boat rides in rough seas to satiate their desire for water adventures. Tourists can surf, sail and go scuba diving at the beach.

8. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is famous for fishing, yet uncharted amongst the domestic tourists. It’s a perfect spot for picnic and to just lean back and relax. There’s bull fighting at the beach from October to March. However, the main attraction at Benaulim beach are the dolphin cruises with a reasonably high chance of spotting dolphins. What makes Benaulim more interesting is its knot with mythology as the place where the Lord Parashuram’s arrow landed, which ultimately created Goa. Tourist may go parasailing, jet skiing and wind surfing at Benaulim beach. Wind surfing is available too however, seems a daunting activity at this location.

9. Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim Beach

Less commercial, amongst the cleanest beaches, and the Sunset Beach of Goa, Betalbatim is a long stretch of white sand beach. There are several pine trees along the shoreline unlike other beaches of Goa that are laden with palm trees. It is quite an isolated beach generally frequented by schools and families for picnic. A good spot to spend some time with yourself.

10. Betul Beach

Betul Beach is a stretch of silvery sand with pleasant climate almost throughout the year. This quiet beach is regarded as the fishing beach of Goa and tourists love it for its cool climate. A good spot to find a fresh catch. You can take a swim in the clear waters here and also may take a stroll by the shore.

11. Bogmalo Beach

Image source: (Bogmalo Beach)

Another curved sandy beach, this one is regarded as the cleanest in South Goa. Bogmalo is an ideal beach for swimming. You may take up water sports like wind surfing, and water skiing. There are ski-jet facilities that you can avail. Other popular activities include dolphin spotting and sun bathing. Try getting a glimpse of the sunset here. It’s beautiful. Another surprising fact – there are no beach shacks at Bogmalo. Has this one been on your list of places to visit in Goa?

12. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is laden with beautiful white sand and clear waters. You will find many rocks here. Probably amongst the most picturesque beaches in the world, this beach offers dolphin play and a beautiful sunset. Due to the dense forests, you cannot access the beach by road and can only get there by a 2-hour trek through the forest or from by a boat ride from Palolem beach. There are no shacks or any other tourist facilities on this beach.

13. Calangute Beach

Image source: (Calangute Beach)

Termed as the Queen of beaches in Goa, Calangute is also one of the best beaches for Goa tourism. Ideal occasions to visit this beach are Christmas and New Year eves where you will see enough footfalls. Although you will see crowds during peak and off-peak seasons. Calangute is a referred family destination unlike Baga. There isn’t much nightlife as the clubs and bars shut down early. But this one stands amongst the places to visit in Goa.

14. Canaguinim Beach

The most isolated beach down south of Betul beach is Canaguinim. Three is a low wall and there lie some sandy rocks and a river Sal cove towards the tail of the beach. As a result, the beach is generally deserted. Due to the beach being isolated, it is advisable not to go there at night – for tourists’ safety.

15. Candolim Beach

Candolim is a soft sandy beach, and a host of Sunburn, India’s biggest electronic music festival. It is one of the popular places to visit in Goa. Spanned over 3 days, the festival offers multiple stages with music artists performing simultaneously. Thousands of patrons, domestic and international come forth to attend this event.

16. Cansaulim Beach

Stuffed with clean white sands and lines of palm trees, Cansaulim Beach has desert-like look. Even this one stands among the most secluded beaches in Goa. You can partake in many water sporting activities like water surfing, speed boat rides, water skiing, and parasailing. A good spot for sunbathing and swimming.

17. Cavelossim Beach

Stuffed with soft white sands, Cavelossim beach features some fragments of lava rocks in the area. Comparatively it is much bigger, neater and quieter than most of the other famous beaches in Goa. You can sun bathe, do dolphin trips and take sunset cruises. Collect some shells, stroll around the beach and indulge in some more exhilarating activities like rent a kayak.

18. Chapora Beach

Famous for its fishing and boat building activities, Chapora Beach is crowded most of the times. The beach is quite scenic and offers beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. Chapora offers the perfect access to other beaches and tourist places in Goa. You can wind surf, para sail, do ringo riding, and jet skiing. Crocodile spotting and dolphin watching are the other activities you can attend. There are clubs and bars to available to spice up your visit.

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19. Coco Beach

Coco Beach

There are beautiful and tall lam trees outlining the Coco beach. Major tourist attraction here is dolphin spotting.

20. Cola Beach

This one is a private beach; one of those remote beaches for tourists looking for a place to unwind and relax. There’s a lagoon here, that offers great opportunities for swimming, fishing and kayaking. There is a lot for water sports activities as well.

21. Colomb Beach

Image source: (Colomb Beach)

Laden with golden sand, covered with palm trees, and some fragments of black stones is the Colomb beach. From three sides, the beach is surrounded with rock formations of different peculiar shapes and sparse vegetation. The landscape is covered with palm trees. The beach is pretty clean with clear water. There are a few shacks by the shore that offer good food.

22. Colva Beach

South Goa’s oldest and the largest beach is Colva. You will find powdery white sand at the shores here. The beach is dotted by some beautiful houses and villas. The beach is crowded usually on weekends, for it is the most happening spot in South Goa for its buzzing nightlife. You do jet skiing and speed boat rides here.

23. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach is described by a romantic legend, which entails the story of Dona Paula De Menzes, who was a daughter of a viceroy. It is said that she jumped off a cliff for not being allowed to marry her lover who was a local fisherman. Some say she can still be seen wearing only a pearl necklace, while emerging from waves under the shimmering moonlight. The beach offers activities like water scooter rides, motor boat rides, boating, para sailing, yacht rides, swimming, wind surfing and fishing.

24. Galgibaga Beach

This turtle beach is amongst the ones that is nurtured for olive turtles saving and protection activities. The entire northern side of the beach is utilised for turtle nesting. The sight of these cute turtles is just worth it.

25. Hansa Beach

Hansa is a clean beach with unspoiled waters, thanks to no commercial activities in this part of Goa. Moreover, thanks to the Indian navy they ensure regular cleaning of the beach. The beach is a great spot for long walks.

26. Issorcim Beach / Hollant Beach

Issorcim Beach is a quiet scenic beach. A freshwater stream flowing nearby makes it even more picturesque. A good spot to spend some time in tranquillity. Other than the Grande Island, Issorcim is the only beach where you can find growing plate corals. You can find a lot of interesting marine life here. There are no shacks on the shore, so you might want to keep some food handy.

27. Kalacha Beach

Kalacha Beach

Also known as Paliem beach, Kalacha beach is well known for its beautiful fresh water lagoon known as Vagkolam (Sweet water Lake), which is located at the tail of the beach. The lagoon is quite secluded, however, popular amongst foreign tourists. Tourists can go para gliding and hang gliding at Kalacha.

28. Kegdole

Kegdole beach is a curved stretch of sand laden with dense foliage. You will get a good view of the Mandovi bridge and river from the beach. It is not a very crowded beach and you will find many tourists resting in solitude, enjoying their time. You can enjoy either a water scooter ride or a boat-ride up the Mandovi River. There are other water sports activities to enjoy too.

29. Keri/Querim Beach

Keri/Querim Beach

Also known as Querim Beach, Keri beach is rooted with pine trees; you will clear waters here, and will find some serenity and calmness in its picturesque beauty. There are some shacks here that offer lip smacking food, while to lean back and enjoy scenic beauty.

30. Majorda Beach

This beautiful beach is sheltered with a good proportion of palm groves. You will find some of the most famous hotels and resorts of Goa here. Hence, it is quite a popular holiday spot.  There a number of shacks and restaurants at majorda beach where you will find a variety of mouth-watering sea food.

31. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach

This one is quite a secluded beach as compared to others. At times, you will even find the popular Olive Ridley turtles who come to hatch their nests in case the Morjim Beach gets overcrowded. You will also find bellied fish eagles here. Beyond the conventional experience of being at a beach, you may also indulge in some meditation and yoga. Dolphin watching is accessible from this beach.

32. Miramar Beach

At Miramar beach, you will find migratory birds like the gulls and plovers at especially during the time of November to March. It is said to be amongst the cleanest beaches of Goa, and there’s an amazing sunset to experience. Indulge yourself here in activities such as fishing, bird watching, shopping and strolls.

33. Mobor Beach

Image source: Maps of India (Mobor Beach)

The Mobor Beach was practically unknown to tourists till the 80s. However, once discovered, this clean and pristine beach stated gaining popularity among tourists. This day, it currently stands amongst most happening and holiday destinations in Goa. Adventure tourists may see this beach as an ideal destination for Goa holiday packages.

There is an array of water sports to enjoy at the Mobor beach, some of which are the speed boat rides, jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing and para sailing.

34. Morjim Beach

The Morjim beach has been termed as ‘Little Russia’ in the recent times owing to the flocking of Russian tourists and residents in the vicinity. Morjim Beach is a quiet and secluded beach unspoilt by tourism. The beach is also known for the Olive Ridley as it is their nesting ground. It is an experience in itself to get a glimpse of these turtles and even crabs However, touching the eggs or hatchlings is a punishable offense. Morjim beach is closed to for the general public during the turtles’ nesting season.

35. Odxel Beach

Image source: (Odxel Beach)

The Odxel Beach is a tiny one in size and a favourite picnic spot among the local people however, not known on the list of places to visit in Goa. Today, the beach is the site for real estate development.

36. Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach, a rocky one, is an extension of the Vagator beach. Although small, it has scenic touch of its own. It takes a climb on a small hill to get to this location. Foreign tourists generally favour Ozran beach for its picturesque settings. There are many shacks on the beach for you to have some good time. Also, a favoured location among Indian filmmakers.

37. Palolem Beach

The shoreline of Palolem Beach has a curve which offers a perfect surrounding for tourists seeking some solitude. It provides good accommodation for all kinds of tourists with varying prices depending on the season.

38. Patnem Beach

Amongst the most peaceful beaches in South Goa is the Patnem beach, a curved stretch of white sand. This beach seldom gets crowded doesn’t matter even if it is Christmas or New year. The nightlife is low-key, the food is good quality and in excessive variety. Go to the Patnem beach if you are looking to avoid the crowds.

39. Polem Beach

Image source: Visitor Trip (Polem Beach)

Another beautiful beach in seclusion, with a stretch of white sands and scattered rocks, Polem gain offers a perfect surrounding for the tourists seeking some peace and tranquillity. A clean beach, Polem also offers you a good sight of dolphins and white bellied fish eagles.

40. Rajbagh Beach

The Rajbagh Beach is among the cleanest places to visit in Goa. It is the only spot in Goa that facilitates a hand paddled ferry trip.

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41. Sernabatim Beach

Sernabatim is a clean and peaceful beach in Goa, and an ideal spot for some swimming and finding solitude. There are several shacks, hotels, pubs and eateries that offer a panoramic view of the coastline during sunset.

42. Sinquerim Beach

The Sinquerim Beach is half circle shaped beach with a mesmerising stretch of sand. The beach gets quite crowded with flocks of tourists and vendors. You may indulge in activities like jet-skiing, boating, para sailing, fishing, scuba diving, windsurfing, dolphin trips, crocodile Dundee and snorkelling.

43. Siridao Beach

Siridao Beach

At the Siridao beach you will find some mysterious caves amidst a blend of rocks and sand. The beach is usually frequented during the evenings and weekends.

44. Talpona Beach

Another remote beach of Goa, it is quiet and has crystal clear water. You won’t see many tourists frequenting this place. It is more ideal for the isolation seekers, and if you are looking for water sports and adventures, then this is not the spot for you.

45. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach

Another popular beach destination in Goa, the Vagator beach is sprinkled with soft white sand and big black rocks. One interesting thing to notice at the beach is the change in the colour of the sea as the sun moves. There are any water adventure activities to enjoy at Vagator beach.

46. Utorda Beach

This one is amongst the many beautiful beaches in South Goa. The sands are unspoilt and offer a perfect solitude surrounding. You may also partake in activities like para sailing and jet skiing. Even a stroll by the shore will make your day.

47. Vainguinim Beach

Image source: (Vainguinim Beach)

This scenic beach is very neat & clean, and is the perfect spot for a pleasant vacation. Also, there are some water sporting facilities for those adventure seeking souls such as the banana ride, wind surfing, para sailing, water skiing, water scooting and knee & wake boarding.

48. Varca Beach

Varca is a clean and less crowded beach of Goa – a perfect spot for those seeking peace. Therefore, not too commercial as compared to the other beaches in Goa. There are Dolphin watching trips available here along with many water adventure sports. This beach also offers activities such as Yoga and meditation.

49. Velsao Beach

Velsao Beach

This beach has a beautiful long stretch of white, and is that perfect spot for lazing around and strolling. The surroundings are just picture perfect. You can even hear the birds chirping in its pristine calmness. The beach is empty and any accommodation is practically non-existent here.

50. Hawaii Beach

Your expectations will sky rocket by the name. Yeah, but that’s not the Hawaii beach you are thinking of. This one is in Goa, and by no means does it fall short in what it has to offer. It is embraced in a beautiful stretch of sand, with mesmerising sunset views and an ideal spot to just lean back and relax. There are some shacks and lip-smacking Goan cuisine that tourists can enjoy as they have a good time.

51. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

True to its name, the Sunset Beach will offer you a picturesque view of the sunset. Frequented by locals and tourists in large numbers, this beach stands amongst the many famous in Goa. People come to the beach for early morning walks and/or late evening strolls to enjoy the sunset view.

The Forts in Goa

52. Chapora Fort – One of the recommended places to visit in Goa

One of the major places to visit in Goa, the Chapora fort offers an amazing view of the Anjuna and Vagator beaches. Today the fort lies in ruins. There aren’t any specific visiting hours to the fort, however ideally you should visit the fort earlier during the day to get some spectacular views from there.

53. Cabo De Rama Fort

Cabo De Rama Fort

Its existence prevails from the time of Ramayana, and is named after Lord Rama. He stayed here along with his wife during the 14 years of their exile. The fort has been invaded by several armies during different time periods and has seen several battles especially of the navy. There’s a church in the premises of the fort named Santo Antonio, which is frequented by the devotees.

54. Corjuem Fort

Almost 5 centuries old, Corjuem Fort is smaller in size than other forts in Goa. There are wide walls, many gun ports and murder holes. The fort lies in the embrace of lush greenery and you can get a complete sight of beautiful villages and islands from there. The Fort is built out of pitted laterite stones. In the early 1800s, the Fort was used as a Military School and had in its defenses a battery of four guns. The Corjuem fort has a connecting cable suspension bridge, which is a popular source of attraction among tourists, and also the only suspension bridge in Goa.

55. Reis Magos Fort

Reis Magos Fort

The Reis Magos Fort is located on a hill and it is accessible through a ramp or a narrow staircase. You can catch a spectacular sight of River Mandovi from here. There are sloping walls, underground rooms, passages, cylindrical turrets in the premises. The water supply of the fort originates from a fresh water spring, inside the Fort.

56. Mormugao Fort

Mormugao Fort was one of the most important coastal forts of Goa. You will find some spectacular views of the sea from here. The major attraction of this fort are the inscriptions on gates of the fort and many tourists come to scour the historical treasures that lie within the premises.

57. Fort Terekhol

Fort Terekhol

Ancient trees encircle the fort, which is home to the memorial of the freedom fighters, who fought for the liberation of Goa. Today the remains of the fort have converted into a hotel named Terekhol Fort Heritage.

58. Aguada Goa

Built by the Portuguese colonial rulers, the Aguada fort got its name for the fresh water spring that originated within its premises. Aguada means Water. A freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. This is how the fort got its name ‘Aguada’ meaning Water. The fort holds the pride of being the first ever light house in Asia.

The Churches in Goa

59. Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral

Built in the Portuguese Gothic style, the Se Cathedral is the oldest, and amongst the most celebrated religious structures in Goa.

60. St. Francis of Assisi Church

This one is Roman Catholic church located in the main square of Goa. The interiors comprise an opulently ornamental niche with a chest braced by the Four Evangelists on the main altar. Above the chest there are two large statues – St. Francis of Assisi and crucified Jesus Christ.

61. Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit Church

This church sets one of the best examples of the Indian Decorative style. The exterior of the church looks immaculate with towers on its either side, and a central dome structure. There are fine carvings on the interiors.

62. St. Augustine Tower / St. Augustine Church

St. Augustine Church’s ruins are a major attraction among tourists, and one of the spectacular architectures in Goa. Now, most of the remaining of the structure are maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

63. Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception Church

Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception Church

If you want to catch a complete view of Panjim, get to the balcony of this church and see it for yourself. Interiors of the church are pretty simple. Premises of this church have been utilised for several film shoots. One can easily spot the actors here, making it one of the best places to visit in Goa.

64. Chapel of St. Catherine

The Chapel has a Renaissance style architecture. It isn’t functional anymore and therefore rarely open to the visitors. Archaeological Survey of India maintains the site.

65. Our Lady of Rosary Church

Our Lady of Rosary Church

This church sets a perfect example of Manueline style architecture of the vintage Portuguese. Due to its structure, the church looks more like a fortress.

66. St. Cajetan Church

This one is the only dome style church left in Goa. Church of St. Cajetan is the only surviving domed church in Goa. An old wall exists within the premises of the Church which leads to speculations that there was a Hindu temple in the premises.

67. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus preserves the sacred remains of Goa’s St. Francis Xavier, who died on a sea voyage to China in 1552. Now his body is preserved in an airtight glass coffin, which is placed in a casket. Once in every 10 years, the church allows the visitors to see his body. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Goa among tourists.

Lakes/Backwaters in Goa

68. Mandovi River Cruise

Mandovi River Cruise

The river cruise at Mandovi river is truly a beautiful experience, especially during the sunset. The ride is till the Miramar beach point. The cruise includes music and dance, tourists end up partaking towards the end. There are dinner cruises, and full day cruise trips, that are available too. The offshore casino ships can be accessed from Panaji Jetty past the Santa Monica Jetty.

The Temples in Goa

69. Shri Mangueshi Temple – One of the best places to visit in Goa

Shri Mangueshi Temple

This lovely temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has a typical Goan Hindu style architecture. The structure makes the temple distinctive in its own special way. The mesmerising view of the temple makes this places as one of the best places to visit in Goa.

70. Shri Mahalakshmi Temple

The temple comprises a modern architecture. The front is a beautifully decked curve backed by an entrance with sculptures of two elephants around the outer top. The inner walls are accentuated with beautiful paintings and engravings.

71. Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple

This temple is an artistic blend of Indo-Portuguese architecture. Unlike other temples in Goa, it has a Pyramid-like top and Roman-arched windows.

The Wildlife of Goa

72. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary, among the most popular places to visit in Goa, is home to several birds including kites, kingfishers, egrets, cormorants, herons, coots, pintails and many more. Additionally, it comprises beautiful water streams and tributaries. There are different kinds of mangrove species, reptiles and much more. There is a lot to look out for over here.

73. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is home to an array of wildlife; especially known for its leopards, elephants, deer and Indian bison. King cobras are found here in abundance, and there are other variety of snakes such as kraits, pythons, vipers amongst others. 200+ species of birds reside here.

The Waterfalls in Goa

74. Arvalem Waterfalls

This one is beautifully scenic spot. People often frequent the spot for picnics. The waterfall forms a big lake at the bottom, which swimmers relish. However, the stream become much slower during summers. The surroundings are just picture perfect.

75. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

This 4-tiered waterfall is amongst India’s tallest. The waterfall is not accessible through private vehicles. The easiest access to take forest jeep however, the service is unavailable during the monsoons. Dudhsagar waterfall is amongst one of the best places to visit in Goa.

Nightlife in Goa

76. Arpora Night Market

This one is more than a conventional market. Arpora night market will enchant you with its lively open-air ambience laden with goods and food stalls in abundance. There’s more – cocktails and DJs! Also known as the Saturday night market, it is the largest shopping & entertainment event that best accentuates the unique and entertaining culture of Goa. Arpora night market is available only during the peak tourist seasons. This one should be certainly on your list of places to visit in Goa.

77. Love Passion Karma

Image source: Food NDTV (Love Passion Karma)

Located on the waterfront, Love, Passion, Karma is one of the finest clubs in Goa. All the three words in the name aptly accentuate its structure and ambience.

78. SinQ

Stylish nightclub & lounge resort, with an outdoor bar, private poolside cabanas and resident DJs – a composition that lives up to the name – SinQ. It’s one of the elite-most clubs of Goa.

79. Leopard Valley

Image source: (Leopard Valley)

Leopard valley is a high-octane nightclub, and party venue, and one of the biggest open-air arenas in the country. It is one of the rare clubs in South Goa and became a niche since its inception.

80. Cohiba

You will love Cohiba for its good food, perfect ambience and very hospitable staff. You’ll get those good vibes from the time you step in.

81. Club Cubana – One of the recommended places to visit in Goa for party animals

Image source: (Club Cubana)

This club is not too far away from the Saturday night market. Its structure comprises multi-tiered dance floors, and its perfect set of ambiences has earned it the name ‘The Nightclub in the Sky.’ The DJs will blow you away with their music, and you just won’t be able to resist stepping on the gas. If you are visiting Goa to enjoy with your friends, then Club Cubana is your places. It is one of the best places to visit in Goa for party animals.

82. Café Mambo

This energetic nightclub is well-known to host international DJs, and other masses of live entertainment performers.

83. Boomerang Beach Bar

Boomerang Beach Bar

If you want to enjoy some memorable time with your family by the beach, Boomerang is a high recommendation. The staff is friendly, food is excellent, and a very of cocktails set the perfect summer mood.

84. Cocktails & Dreams

Lively cocktail bar, nightclub and party venue with entrance lit up in neon.

85. Tito’s Night Club

Image source: Rahi Hotels & Resorts (Tito’s Night Club)

One of the most famous nightclubs in Goa, Tito’s night club needs no justification. Other famous places in Goa – Mambo Club and Café Del Mar are a part of the Tito’s Nightclubs chain. Ask any tourist and s/he will certainly have this spot on their list of places to visit in Goa. Even the location of the club is just perfect – Baga!

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86. The World Famous Decades Bar

Not in the mood to dance and just want to chill with your friends? The World Famous Decades Bar is the place for you. There are live performances during the week (couple of days). There pool tables too.

87. Nyex Beach Club

Image source: GoaNiteLife (Nyex Beach Club)

This one is a multi-storeyed lifestyle venue. It is more than just a nightclub – there is outdoor spaces, pool and sunbed decks. If you want to add a flavour to your nightlife experience in Goa, this is the place for you.

88. Kamaki

Kamaki is another happening spot to chill; famous as an all-night long club where partying goes on till early hours of the morning. In addition to the drinks and snacks on offer, Kamaki houses DJs who play a mix of commercial, trance and house music.

89. The Park

Image source: Best Goa Hotels (The Park)

Situated at Calangute, The Park gives you a picture-perfect view of the ocean. There’s a lot of variety of food and liquor available here.

90. Hype

This one is a brainchild of none other than DJ Aqeel. The bar has a colour changing marble top. The best thing about this place is that there is always some offer going on for drinks, and at the same time they ensure there’s never a dull moment here. The dance floor is big, and there’s some lip smacking finger food on offer. Thus, Hype is one of the best places to visit in Goa to groove on the best music.

91. Pine Shack

Image source: (Pine Shack)

Unlike its literal name, the atmosphere is completely different from a conventional shack you would usually visit. Breaking the convention of loud music, this place offers you the ambience to just chill and lay under the open sky especially during the night time. To add up more spice to your experience, you can easily arrange barbecue or bonfire for yourself.

92. Mr Toff Toff’s

Tuesday is a popular night here with Quiz and Bingo. You pay a nominal participation fee however but the prize money is big, so just lean back, enjoy your drink and test your luck.

93. Primerose Café Club

Image source: LBB (Primerose Café Club)

This one is a small nightclub in Vagator, North Goa. The place is popular for its trance and electric music. Primerose Café is a favourite choice among both — traditional hippies and fans of modern music culture.

94. The Raffles

The Raffles has made Candolim all the more famous. While it is all quiet and serene during the daylight, it catches up its vibrancy as the night approaches. Patrons come in big numbers for truly memorable nightlife experience in Goa.

95. Silent Noise

Image source: (Silent Noise)

Known for being the original headphone party of India, here you enjoy the music on wireless headphones with different channels of each music type, which DJ plays simultaneously. Entry fee includes the headphones. This one should be certainly on your list of places to visit in Goa, if you have a fetish for a different clubbing experience.

96. Purple Martini Refuel Station

This one is located on Baga beach in the same line of Tito’s. The ambience is just perfect to sit back and have a good time with your peers. While the food is good, what people enjoy more over here is the sunset view.

97. Club M

Image source: Travelogy India Blog (Club M)

Fasten your seat belts for a crazy night at Club M. This one is a pretty high-end spot. Drinks won’t come in cheap, and even the entry fee is a premium. Club M should be on your list of places to visit in Goa, if you want to have a good time.

98. The Public Bar

This one offers a good viewing spot to patrons where they can see the world go buy as they sip on their drinks. The food and alcohol are ridiculously cheap and the staff is quite friendly.

99. Club Margarita

Image source: (Club Margarita)

Club Margarita was the first nightclub in South Goa. The place has now gained immense popularity amongst the domestic and international tourists alike because only here you can dance the entire night. International and Goa DJs perform music here.

100. Thalassa – The Greek essence in Goa

“Thalassa” in Greek means “Sea”, and rightly so this taverna offers a breat view of Goa’s Thalassa. Located on the edge of a high cliff, this spot offers beautiful sunset views. It is full of people mostly during the evenings. You must go there to try some authentic Greek cuisines, and enjoy their warm hospitality. One of the best places to visit in Goa to witness the Greek essence.

So many of these places to visit in Goa have you been to, and if not then how many of you look forward to visit these places. Do share! Check out the best Goa holiday packages of Thomas Cook.

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