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8 Ways to Protect Your Valuables on an International Trip

You’re on your vacation – strolling down the street, taking the sights and sounds of a new country. You can hear people speaking in the local language. You can smell delicious food coming from the stalls. And in the middle of all of this, someone runs up and snatches your bag.

What will you do? The bag held all your cash, your passports, your currency card. In a flash, you’ve lost some very important items. It can leave you feeling very vulnerable.

You need to protect your bag and its belongings. Here are 8 ways in which you can prevent the theft of your bag, wallet or carry-on.

Make sure that You Follow these Safety Tips whenever you travel abroad.

1. Watch your bag like a hawk

When you’re in a new country, there is so much to look at! However, reserve a little bit of that attention for your bag. Keep a track of where it is – particularly if you decide to store it in an overhead luggage rack in a bus. Thefts happen in split seconds, so it’s important to know where your bag is. That way, even if someone attempts to take it, you can always stop it in time.

2. Buy a super bag!

These days, bags are designed to stop thieves from tampering with them. These bags can’t be slashed open with a knife or have anti-puncture zippers. This way, in a busy train or crowded location, a thief can’t slyly open your bag when your attention is diverted.

3. Hide your valuables in plain sight

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If you’re carrying cash or jewellery, one option is to keep it in your safe. However, if it’s in your bag, make sure you keep some in your wallet, keep some in a money bag around your waist. The more areas you keep your money in, the lesser the chances are that you will be completely cashless if someone chooses to steal your wallet or slit open your bag.

4. Keep your bag close

We don’t just mean keep your bag by your side. To truly keep a hold of your bag, especially when you’re sitting down, loop the handle of your bag around your foot. If someone tries to snatch it, you will feel it. You can also use your carry-on bag as a pillow for your head. It might not be too comfortable for your head, but you can take comfort in knowing your bag is safe.

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5. Go for bright, cheerful bags

Black bags may be trendy and fashionable, but there’s one advantage a bright bag has in comparison – it is memorable. Go for bright colours and funky patterns. If your bag is snatched, you can ask people if they have seen that particular bag.

6. Carry a dummy wallet

If you’re being mugged, the first thing a mugger will demand is your wallet. That’s where the fake wallet comes in to play. Just keep a little bit of travel money in the wallet so that the thief is fooled. Hand over your dummy wallet, while your real wallet with your identification and cash stays safe.

7. Pick up a Money Belt

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It may not be the most stylish look, but on the plus side, your money stays close to you, and it stays safe. You can fill up the money belt with your money, Travel prepaid forex card, passport and any other travel documents. Choose one that is slim and subtly shaded so that people don’t notice.

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8. Go plastic

Carrying lots of cash can be worrisome. If your bag does get stolen or tampered with you could lose a lot of money. Instead, choose to go with a currency card. These cards are light and can be stored anywhere in your bag. The best part? If you do lose the card, a replacement will be sent to you as soon as possible. In the case of cash theft, you can always reload your forex card with more money. Therefore, you won’t feel so hopeless without cash in hand, in a foreign country.

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