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6 Most Exuberant Places to Visit in Kerala

SI.No.Places to visit in KeralaBest Time to VisitWeatherTrip Advisor Rating
1AlleppeyJanuary-May, September-DecemberHot and Pleasant. An Umbrella is recommended during the Monsoon season5/5
2MunnarThroughout the yearCold and Pleasant. You won’t need an AC even in the summer.5/5
3WayanadJune-OctoberCold and Shivering. Extremely suitable for a romantic getaway.5/5
4ThekkadyMarch-MayNot extreme and Pleasant.5/5
5CochinMarch-MayAdequate and pleasant5/5
6KovalamNovember-FebruaryHot and Pleasant5/5

Kerala, also historically prominent as Keralam is is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is located on the Malabar Coast of Southern India. Whenever you come across a traveller who has wandered through the country to demarcate Kerala and other states, you will simply be said that there’s a distinguished ambience about the state that offers you serenity. The name of the state holds an etymology associated with the theory that it’s derived from ‘Kera’, translated to a Coconut tree and ‘Alam’, translated to Land in Malayalam (State’s language). Apparently, Kerala is also nicknamed as the ‘Land of Coconuts’ besides its well-known name, “God’s Own Country”, because of the abundance of the coconut trees and with so many eminent places to visit in Kerala.

Being wedged between the Western Ghats and the Lakshadweep Sea, a Puranic King Mahabali has been associated with the mythology, who ruled the entire earth, dwelling in Kerala. He after winning the war against Devas has driven them to exile. As a result, Lord Vishnu has taken his fifth incarnation as Vamana to push Mahabali to Patala. The famous Onam festival is celebrated every year in the name of Mahabali’s return from Patala. Many marine fossils were found in Changanacherry near Kerala, suggesting that a substantial part of it is under the sea; confirming this hypothesis.

If the question of what makes Kerala, so eminent, arises? It’s because of the varied diversity it developed over the centuries. Kerala has the simplest lifestyle, interweaved with a rich history of culture and art. It has prominent wildlife, beaches, and backwaters which together render the nature, bewitching. Staying in Kerala, even for a while, can create a rejuvenating experience that you can remember for a lifetime and if you start listing the immaculate things, it will touch the sky. That being said, here are the top places to visit in Kerala that you should definitely not miss. Our Kerala tour packages will acquaint you with all the best destinations in Kerala.

Places to visit in Kerala:

1. Alleppey

Known for the backwater trips and the houseboats, Alleppey is best among the places to visit in Kerala with lush green spread all over.

  • Distance from Airport: 51.0 KM from Cochin International Airport.
  • Best Time to Visit: January-May, September-December.
  • Places to Visit: Alappuzha Beach, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Marari Beach, Punnamada Lake, Revikarnukaran Museum.
  • Weather: Hot and Pleasant. An Umbrella is recommended during the Monsoon season.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Alleppey has been described as the ‘Venice of the East’, as titled by Lord Curzon back in the British period. A houseboat trip to the backwaters gives you the view of all the landscapes including the paddy areas, the tiny chapels, the fishing areas, the ducks and lilies which will be etched forever on your mind. A vacation along the conventional Kerala pathways in Alleppey will also provide you food in banana leaves wherever you go. The place has beauty and calmness applied to it and if you’re looking for the best backwater trip in Kerala, this is the perfect destination for you. The must go places in Alleppey include Arthunkal Church, Chettikulangara Bhagawathy Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, Krishnapuram Palace, Pathiramanal along with the ones that are mentioned above.

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2. Munnar

The most popular hill station in entire South India, it is known for the unique views and the green terraces.

  • Distance from Airport: 143 KM from Cochin International Airport.
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Places to Visit: Blossom Park, Attukal Waterfalls, Kundala Lake, Pothamedu Viewpoint, Marayoor Dolmens, Eravikulam National Park, Life of Pi Church, Lockhart Gap and Cheeyapara Waterfalls.
  • Weather: Cold and Pleasant. You won’t need an AC even in the summer.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Munnar is the top hill station that covers around 80,000 miles of farms full of organic bedding and green tea offering the views of misty valleys and as well as flying clouds. Munnar is cold among the places to visit in Kerala and gives you a cosy sensation spraying the denser fog in the situation and once it is the summer season, you can find the hills most inhabitable. The hills are actually designed for the tea farming and because of the modern developments that have been happening; the place has turned into a lavish organic valley with stepped terraces, tea gardens and lots and lots of waterfalls as well. One can always opt for the hiking through these routes if they are seeking for the adventure and reside in the drowsy little bungalows and guesthouses that are colonial in nature.

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3. Wayanad

A blend of paddy fields with the local Malayalam, this place is the best for sightseeing in Kerala.

  • Distance from Airport: 100.0 KM from Kozhikode Airport
  • Best Time to Visit: June-October
  • Places to Visit: Bandipore National Park, Kalpetta, Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady, Lakkidi, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tusharagiri Waterfalls, and Thirunelly.
  • Weather: Cold and Shivering. Extremely suitable for a romantic getaway.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Wayanad is the ‘Green Paradise’ of Kerala as it is calm, composed, quiet and enriched with the wildlife, nature, tradition, and the beauty. A blend of life and nature together, it is one of the best places to visit in Kerala especially during the summers. Also, famous for the richness among the tribal heritage as well as the agricultural abundance; one can observe the lifestyle of the tribes dwelling in the region which will offer a mind-blowing and exotic experience to you. Kerala is indeed less populated when you compare it with other districts of Kerala because of the exotic landscapes and is a must visit when you make a trip to Kerala especially because of the trekking and the adventure tourism.

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Thekkady is known to have to popular wild-life sanctuary among the places to visit in Kerala which are striving to preserve the many animal species including tigers, elephants, gaurs, sambars and lion-tailed macaques as well.

  • Distance from Airport: 257.0 KM from Trivandrum Airport.
  • Best Time to Visit: March-May.
  • Places to Visit: Periyar National Park, Tiger Trail, Abraham’s Spice Garden, Thekkady Lake, Bamboo Rafting, Mangla Devi Temple, and Murikkady.
  • Weather: Not extreme and Pleasant.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Thekkady has been a forest situated on the banks of Periyar Lake. It contains around 770 Square kilometres out of which 360 square kilometres have been taken by the thick forest. The scenic beauty along with the wildlife has been attracting visitors and tourists from the world for years and years. Probably stated as the best place in Kerala for the wildlife, you can actually take illustrious boat trips in the lake.

The forest is home to many different species of animals including the Indian elephants, the Leopards, the Indian tigers, the Boars, Bisons and as well as Deers. The Thekkady tourism department will provide you a route that goes into the middle of the jungle either by riding the elephants or on the feet and if you want an adventure path, you can walk down Moozhiyar till Thekkadi via the Gavi Spinning through the Kerala wooded miles with Elephants as the most common sight.

5. Cochin:

An elegant district located along the coastal line of Arabian Sea, it is a seductress in green among the places to visit in South India.

  • Best Time to Visit: March-May.
  • Places to Visit: Fort Kochi, Mattancherry Palace, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Tirupunithara Hill Palace, Ernakulam Shiva Temple and Veegaland.
  • Weather: Adequate and pleasant.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Located in the central part of Kerala, this is one of the must place to visit in Kerala where you can get the most of the state. One should start the tour of Kerala from Cochin for the same reason and even if you subscribe to the tour packages, they will take you initially from here. Though known as Cochin, the entire Ernakulam is something that you shouldn’t miss as it is located along the Arabian Sea. A city, both modern and fast, it is filled with old art and architecture belonging to the British, Dutch and even the Portuguese cultures.

Ernakulam was initially prominent for the trade has been transformed into Cochin later, which became an interesting city in the entire district and also the commercial capital of Kerala. Ernakulam is known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and is indeed one of the finest harbours in the world. During the colonial period, the British, Dutch, Arabs, Portuguese and even the Chinese have visited this place and managed to leave impressions on this place making it a booming city in Kerala with industrial buildings around.

6. Kovalam:

Prominent and relaxing, Kovalam is known to offer the best Ayurvedic treatment making it the best among the places to visit in South India.

  • Distance from Airport: 13.3 KM from Trivandrum International Airport.
  • Best Time to Visit: November-February
  • Places to Visit: Lighthouse Beach, Karamana River, Hawah Beach, Halcyon Castle, Kovalam Art Gallery, Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple, Valiyathura Pier and Neyyar Dam.
  • Weather: Hot and Pleasant.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Known for the best medical treatments, healing and also strong therapeutic massages; Kovalam is one of the advantageous places to visit in Kerala as it promotes the medical tourism as well. One can plan their New Year celebrations by making a visit to the Kovalam with the crescent beaches below the turquoise blues with the lighthouse present on the southern side. If you hike the lighthouse, you will be provided with an excellent city view of the moon-shaped beach and as well as the Vizhinjam mosque as well. Kovalam is full of coconut trees and is located around 16kms away from the Trivandrum city.

The northern side of Kovalam has both the Hawah beach and Samudra beach with a lot of layering in between of rocky formations which turn the calm bluish bays into aquarelles when you have moonlit nights. The three beaches at Kovalam have been divided out of which one of the beach has an elegant resort spread over where but all of them with rocky formations projecting to the sea. The bigger beach out of three is the Light House, followed by the Hawah beach and all of them can be used for exquisite recreation.

The culture of Kerala has been coupled with various traditions, making it the most seeking tourist destination in India. According to National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine (2012), Kerala has been listed as one of the ’10 Paradises of the world’ and is also included in ’50 Must-See Destinations of the Lifetime’. Kerala has been the synthesis of both the Dravidian and the Aryan cultures, which the antiquity sustained by the people. As a state, it is a home to many performing arts including the five famous dance forms, Mohiniyattam, Kathakali, Thullal, Koodiyattom and Krishnanattam which developed in the temple theatres and the royal houses, during the classical period. Therefore, make a trip starting from Cochin and cover all these places to visit in Kerala for a piercing trip.

Frequently asked Questions about Places to visit in Kerala

1. What is the Best Time to Visit Kerala?

Visiting Kerala depends entirely on your preference. Based on the type of trip, be it the Honeymoon trip, family trip, vacationers or family trips, each of them will have different ideas and areas. Make sure you visit it during the festivals and fairs like Attukal Pongala, Thirissurpooram, Guruvayur, Nehru Trophy Boat Race etc.

2. What are the some of the Exciting Things to do in Kerala?

Apart from the backwaters, it is the food, people, backwaters, beaches, fishing, village tours and culture that cover the historical places of Kerala. The activities include Architecture tour, Bird watching, Shikara rides, Veli Tourist Village, staying in the Tree House, swimming in the Arabian Sea, visiting the Coffee plantation and Periyar Jungle Jeep Ride.

3. What are the Best Places to Experience Kerala Backwaters?

Kerala Backwaters are the well-known internationally because of the ambience and the hospitality they offer. Most of the people plan a trip to Kerala only for the backwaters. The must-visit places include Kasaragod, Kumarakom, Kollam, and Kuttanad.

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