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Have You Tried These Snowfall Adventures In Shimla?

Movies have done a fantastic job of creating an allure of snow and snowfall. Playing in the cold, soft white material sends shivers of excitement down people’s spines. Families, youngsters and elderly people alike are known to forget their age and indulge in some good-natured snowball fights, build snowmen and even roll in the snow.

India has very few places that one can enjoy snowfall. And that is mostly possible only in winter. Of the snow-blessed places in India, we especially like Shimla since the place itself is also stunning and after you are done enjoying the snow, you can head out sightseeing and immerse yourself in the beauty of the quaint hill town.

So, pack your woollens, pull out those gloves and mufflers, and pick out the perfect snow boots. Done? Now you are set for a snowfall adventure in Shimla.

We’ve identified a few snow-related activities that you can expect to enjoy when in Shimla. And then there are also some lovely places which you must visit to truly enjoy the snowfall here.

1. Walk Down Ridge Road

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Let’s say you planned the trip suddenly and forgot to bring adequate woollens. The first stop in this scenario should be Ridge Road. This place is best enjoyed in person. No amount of description will do it justice. Yet, we’ll try.

The soft white carpeting is the perfect background for the numerous colourful little shops that line this famous walkway in Shimla. Cute mufflers, colourful caps, and bright mittens can be found everywhere. And the warmth of the apparel is only shadowed by the warmth of the people selling these wares. If you are looking for cotton stoles or shawls, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s best to visit Ridge Road if you are in Shimla in January or later.

2. Enjoy The Toy Train Ride

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The famous Kalka Shimla toy train ride can be enjoyed in every season and winter makes the journey even more magical. As you pass through the hills, you can see the entire region carpeted in thick snow, turning it into a white kingdom. Believe us, this is quite an experience to stack away in your memories.

The train is actually used as a way to get from Kalka to reach Shimla. However, you can take the ride just for the joy of it.

3. Don’t Forget To Indulge In Some Winter Sports

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If you like adventure and thrills, then head to Shimla in winter to give yourself an exhilarating ride. From skiing and ice-skating, to paragliding and even heli-skiing, Shimla has it all. Each of these pulsating adventures will thrill and excite you. The limitation is only in your mind. How far are you willing to push yourself for the holiday of a lifetime?

These activities are available throughout winter, right from October till later in the season.

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4. Participate In The Famous Shimla Winter Carnival

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No one celebrates winter in Shimla like the locals do. The onset of winter sees the town come alive in a festival that adds much cheer and excitement to the beginning of the new season.

This winter carnival sees a large number of people come together to have fun in the snow. Children and grown-ups alike cavort in the snow like kids. Don’t be shy and do join in the ice-skating, skiing, or snowman making.

Apart from these activities, the town also organises fashion shows and performances that are some of the major attraction in this carnival.

5. Bring Out The Child In You

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Whether you are traveling with family, friends or doing a solo trip, allow the child within you to enjoy this season thoroughly. Spend hours playing in the snow, build cute, creative snowmen, lie flat and make a snow angel, and while you do so, make sure that capture every single moment to revisit when you miss your time in Shimla.

These are just a few of our ideas. We are sure when you are actually in Shimla you will find so much more to do. Meanwhile, here are a few famous places that you must visit to enjoy this season.

1. Kufri, Best Destination for Snowfall Adventures in Shimla

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This enchanting hill station in Shimla is 2,622 meters above sea level. Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Kufri is a must-visit place in Shimla in the month of January. While you can indulge in all the thrilling activities like skiing and ice skating, it offers you some of the most picturesque locations for capturing your best moments in snow.

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2. Shaily Peak

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Add Naldehra to your itinerary and head out to explore the magnificent Shaily Peaks, one of the most spectacular places to visit in Shimla during December. You can either hire a pony to take you up or you can drive up too. If you are feeling adventurous, there is a steep trail which you can take too. Some of the adventure sports that you can enjoy here include hiking and trekking. And once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded by spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains, which makes the effort totally worth it.

3. Rohru – The Apple Orchard Master

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Have you ever visited an apple orchard? In Shimla you can, at Rohru. This place is quite well known for its apple production in the whole of Himachal Pradesh. The quaint town is located alongside the Pabbar River and you can try your hand at angling. They say the trout here are really delicious. You must plan your vacation in the first half of December to enjoy fishing, after which the town gets covered in snow. Staying at Rohru also gives you a chance to enjoy hang gliding and trekking.

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4. Mashobra

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Sitting snug in the middle of the Reserve Forest Sanctuary of Shimla is a haven for adventure junkies. Mashobra is one of the best places to visit in Shimla during winter. You can enjoy numerous adventure activities here. But the stillness of the forest also makes it ideal for anyone seeking peace and tranquillity on the vacation.

5. Narkanda

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Some of the most proficient skiers come to Narkanda, the best ski resort in Shimla. Just two hours from Shimla city, this is a white wonderland in the hills. When you are not skiing, you can feast on the breath-taking panoramic views of the valley. Whether a pro or a novice, you can experience all kinds of skiing opportunity here.

Before we leave you to start packing, here are some tips to keep in mind for visiting Shimla in winter:

  • Check the weather when you are planning the trip, especially if witnessing a snowfall is the highlight.
  • Do not forget to carry warm jackets, shrugs, mittens, stoles, and caps. Err on the side of excessive.
  • Pack all your essential medicines.
  • Don’t pass an opportunity to ski while in Shimla. This thrilling chance won’t come up regularly.
  • Bring along a good camera to capture amazing pictures.

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