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Top 10 Things To Do In The Beautiful City Of Brussels

Brussels is one of the most stunning and underrated cities in all of Europe. Being the administerial head of EU and having more of a bureaucratic and formal vibe, it is often thought to be all business and no fun. However, the reality is far from this. Brussels is one of the most historically and architecturally stunning cities in the whole world. From the palaces, museums, monuments, buzzing night markets to the ever-entertaining nightlife, there is not one shade of fun you won’t find in Brussels. People have started realizing the beauty of this place and it has now started becoming one of the top tourist attractions in Europe.

Here’s a curated list of things to do in Brussels for a fun and exciting tour of the city:

Pay a Visit to The Atomium

Built in the year 1958, the Atomium represents the composition of an iron crystal which has been magnified to 165 billion times its size. An engineer called André Waterkeyn designed this 335-meter-tall monument to symbolize a firm belief in scientific processes of the locals. It also has a restaurant on top that gives a breathtaking view of the Brussels skyline.

Take a Mini Trip Around Europe

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At a stone throw distance from the Atomium, is a park which contains miniatures of landmark places from all around Europe. It is exciting to see what you would feel looking at London or Eiffel tower from above. Being home to over 80 miniature cities and 350 miniature buildings, it is not a place you want to miss if you are travelling with small kids.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Brussels is home to innumerable museums displaying beautiful art and paintings from medieval times. If you do not have enough time to enjoy all these galleries and museums, do yourself a favor and just visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts or Belgium. This museum is home to over 20,000 works of Art ranging from 15th century to the 21st century. Further, it is divided into six smaller museums in case a traveler wishes to see more of one specific kind of art. Travelers are always impressed with the vast collection of art pieces and are often seen swooping through the hallways awestruck.

Cantillon Brewery, Amongst Must Visit Things To Do in Brussels

Brussels in many ways is synonyms with beer and is a complete favourite amongst beer drinkers. To knock this off your Wishlist during your visit here, visit the Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze, famously known as the Cantillon Brewery. It is the only place in Brussels which brews the traditional Lambic Beers and that too since the 1900. During your trip you will learn about the enchanting process of brewing beer followed by a delicious tasting session.

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

Though not as ornately decorated as the other gothic churches, this church has retained its true old school essence which has put it on top of our list. Described as the purest flowering of the Gothic style, it has also served as the go to place for the royal family’s weddings and funerals. The architecture, stained glasses and archaeological sites have made it one of the top things to do in Brussels.

MIMA, One of the Best Things to Do in Brussels

A scion in the Brussels museum family since April 2016, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA) is dubbed as “Culture 2.0”. It is situated in the inside parts of the old Bellevue breweries and overlooks the canal. It has been home to everything from graffiti to subculture arts and digital art forms.


This city has been home to many historic bars, but the one that is our favoritea among things to do in Brussels is surely L’Archiduc. Warm wooden booths, soft lyrical jazz playing in the background and a big strong cocktail in hand, no wonder it has remained a favorite amongst the locals despite new versions of the bar having popped up.

Admire Le Botanique

These botanical gardens are spreads of green joy through acres of floor area. Dating back to the 19th Century, these gardens now host to innumerable events and serve as a performing arts and cultural center for the locals. Even though it is a historical symbol, it attracts huge crowds of Brussels sightseeing trip, wanting to understand the modern-day cultural influences every single day.

Palais Royal

Even though the royal family does not reside in this palace anymore, it is considered the official residence of the royals. One can experience the grandness and majesty of this palace during the summer months as it is during this time that it is open to the general public. The most unique room in the entire palace is the one with ceiling covered in beetles’ wings, creating a very mosaic like art vibe.

Musee Royaux Des Beaux Arts

This museum is home to some of the most stunning art pieces in Brussels, making it an absolute must in the list of things to do in Brussels. If you are looking for some top-notch art, well, you have arrived. With home to art pieces of some of the most renowned artists like Peter Rubens, Anthony Van Dyke and Hans Memling, this place is surely going to blow your mind.

The Flat- The home away from home bar

The Flat is a very unique bar, one you would probably not have experienced anywhere else. This bar has a living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining area and a kitchen space with hundreds of couches, calm music, food and brimming with alcohol, all sold at market price. The idea of this place is to be chill and have fun, thus making it a great place to socialize in a place that feels like home.

Brussels is truly on of the most beautiful places on earth and a trip to Brussels is a must on everyone’s list. Head over to the Thomas Cook website to book yourself a memorable trip.

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