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Mashobra – A Place Beyond the Hills

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Mashobra is one of those destinations that has endless possibilities of things that can be done and explored. One might be shocked at the vibrancy of this place, given how small it is but still how real yet fairylike it can be. Right from pristine temples to beautiful treks, camping and skiing trips, hot water spring baths, apple orchards, exquisite architecture, cold milky waterfalls, oak jungles, the things you can do here are endless. The fact that it has been as good as untouched for many years has made it what it is today. In many ways, it has remained pure and pious, and it is this that will resonate with every nature lover. Let us walk you through some of the umpteen options this place provides you.

Top Places to Visit in Mashobra

1. .Reserve Forest Sanctuary

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The nature lover in you will thank you for visiting this stunning place full of cedar, oak, pine, and all amidst a flowing frothy Indus. Mashbora is often known as a birdwatcher’s delight owing to the innumerable multi-colored birds due to the thick forests, sheds, and endless supply of water. Some of the common species are pheasants, Himalayan eagles, partridges, and chukar. The Sanctuary also houses one of the biggest watersheds in all of Asia, and it thus provides water to a significant part of Shimla.

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2. Mahasu Devta Temple

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The Mahasu Devta temple is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva with a beautiful floaty aura attached to it. You will always find flocks of people at the temple every day, locals and tourists alike immersed in the peaceful surroundings. One of the other things that make Mahasu Devta Temple well known is the two-day Mahasu Jatra Festival, which is held on the third Tuesday of May. The surrounding is brimming with feisty folklore and celebrations all through those two days. People from nearby villages come to see the grand traditional puja that happens in the evenings of these two days. If you like to explore more and more of the Indian culture, this would be the period for you to do the same.

3. Chadwick Falls

This zen-like place is a sheer joy to be at and very famous amongst honeymooners and youngsters because the vibe at this place is how you want it to be. The crystal-clear waters flow at the falls right through at the front end, making it a great place for a quick dip in the fresh cool waters. Monsoon supposedly is the best time to visit this place owing to the surge of water flow. Chadwick Falls is also a great place to visit in Mashobra for an enticing trek with family and friends. There are multiple trek options available for beginners as well as experienced adventure junkies.

4. Craignano

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Craignano is a villa that was built by an Italian photographer Chevalier Federico Pelite at a height of 7700 ft above sea level in Mashbora. It is truly one of the most sophisticated places to visit in Mashobra that is a must-visit for all travellers. With beautifully planted bushes to cute wooden seating, there is nothing about this place that will not appeal to you. Apart from huge tourist footfalls, the place also has a lot to offer in terms of the activities. Right from rappelling and rock climbing to fishing and archery, there are multiple activities for one can indulge in.

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5. Tattapani River

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A freshwater stream, Tattapani has proven to be a great centre for water sports and activities. It is a beautiful place to indulge in some freshwater river rafting. The best part about this place is that it is not very well known and hence a lot emptier that any other major centres. Apart from rafting in the rapids, it also has a natural hot spring on the bed of the Tattapani river. These springs are said to have medicinal properties because of which many people like to take a dip here, making it one of the best places to visit in Mashobra.

6. Jakhu Temple

Jakhu Temple is located at the top of the highest peak of Shimla. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman. As On every Tuesday, considered the auspicious day for Lord Hanuman, devotees from the vicinity throng the temple. Jakhu Temple also has the worlds’ highest Hanuman statue and wh ich is distinctly visible from all parts of Shimla.

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7. Fagu

Fagu is a very tiny district located at a distance of about 10 km from Mashobra. This quaint little place can easily pass as one of the most beautiful places in the world. With huge sheets of apple and potato orchards spread across the place, there is a lot to see and know about. You can also visit the place just to enjoy some fun and quiet away from the taxing environment and have some alone time.

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8. Lakkar Bazaar

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Lakkar Bazaar is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Mashobra for shopping freaks. The bazaar is known for the wooden artefacts it sells. Most of the things one finds at this bazaar are made by a small group of Sikh people whose families settled there over a hundred years ago. Collectors of wooden art or simple people who love wooden art and pottery are sure to love this place. Some of the items you can hoard are keychains, miniatures of vehicles like souvenirs, toys, furniture, idols of deities, items of home decor, walking sticks, umbrellas and more.

Mashobra is an untapped beauty with very little footfall compared to its counterparts, and this is precisely what makes it worth a visit. With stunning sceneries and green lands for as far as your eyes can go, Mashobra deserves to be on your travel bucket list.

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