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five literary destinations where literature comes alive

Experience the elixir of life by visiting the places that have the true essence of literary works that have wowed you since your tender age. The best literary destinations to experience the literary essence will leave you in awe. Top Five Literary Destinations Edinburgh, Scotland The city of Edinburgh in Scotland has been an inspiration

Perceive the pulse of dynamic Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India has rich history. The landscape of Old Delhi and New Delhi is highly contrasting. Be sure of pleasant surprises when you travel to Delhi. Owing to the rich history, Capital city of India finds itself being counted amongst the treasure troves of period architecture and history in India. Here are

Indulge in water sports at Lakshadweep

It is hard to find a place more suited to water sports than the mystical Lakshadweep islands. It seems as if these islands were brought out from the depths of ocean just for people to enjoy the water sports. The allure of the deep blue lagoons is simply too much to resist. The warm and

Exciting water sports in Phuket

Located amidst warm tropical waters, Phuket is aptly called the paradise for water sports. If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking out for options to gratify the urge of fun and exciting boiling inside a trip to Phuket is definitely a must for you. Apart from picturesque landscape and beautiful sceneries, the place is

A journey to liquor paradises around the world

What is it about wine destinations that attract travelers from around the world? Well, a wine destination certainly has much more to delight your senses with than vineyards or tasting rooms. Ever imagined how will it feel if you ever get a chance to visit the enchanting countries which are also know as liquor paradises

Explore Adventure and Exotic Terrains in India’s Best National Park Safaris

India, the land of diversity is known around the world because of its rich natural treasures. The snow clad mountains, sun-kissed beaches, majestic desserts and exotic jungles of this country have been attracting international travelers for quite sometime now. In fact, India is home to more than 200 wildlife sanctuaries and many unexplored national parks.

Explore the Paradise of Street Food in Kolkata

Amidst an array of distinctiveness, if there is one aspect that makes the City of Joy Kolkata stand out it has to be the divinely delicious food served by the metropolitan. Home to a multi-faceted culture and the hub of cultural polygamy, the city has been in news forever for its political ideologies, sweet language,

Five must-visit India travel destinations this year – Part 2

With so much on offer, exploring India can be a full time job in itself as diverse cultures, varied religions, extensive landscapes can be baffling at times. Though your travel itinerary depends on your personal preference, here is a list of India travel destinations that can offer you enough reasons to make a trip. 5

The best summer wedding destinations in India

Wedding in India is an elaborate affair. Irrespective of which region you belong to or which language you speak, weddings always mean a pompous show of jubilant celebrations across the country. In the age of theme wedding, the families of new age brides and grooms no longer mind spending a few bucks extra to move

Explore the glorious Himalayan paradise, Shimla

The British Empire may have ceased to exist in our country but its echo still lingers in the valleys of Shimla. Once popular as the Summer Capital of British Raj in India, Shimla has been a famous tourist destination for the better part of every year. Today it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and

Best cuisines around the world

Food and travel are much like two sides of the same coin. You simply can’t relish one without other. They were married to each other since the advent of what we know as travel or vacationing. Imagine going for a travel where there were very few options of dining or the food served were beyond

Famous shopping destinations around the world

There are only a few things that can relax your mind and senses like shopping does. Indulging yourself in a shopping spree once in a while can really replenish your heart and soul and re-energize it for days to follow. Thankfully enough the world that we live in is jeweled with many shopping paradises that

Soak, surf and relax in top beach cities

Dazzling sun kissed beaches, cerulean waters, swaying palms and huge granite boulders, it would be difficult to fantasize a paradise more perfect than a beach location. We often scour through hundreds of website in search of a perfect beach cities for our holidays. If you are looking for a quintessential beach location for your next
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