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This Mother’s Day Spoil Your Mom at These Superb Travel Destinations

This mother’s day, ditch the restaurants and shopping for a change and instead travel with your mom. She would love it. They say God could not be everywhere so he made mothers. Couldn’t be more right! The purest relationship which doles out unadulterated love. But do we always do full justice to this bond?How many

Unique Festivals of India that will leave you Overwhelmed

India is country that is proud of its rich traditions, rituals, communities, culture and biodiversity. Each year the country celebrated over a thousand festivals. Each one with its unique significance and traditions. While some of these festivals are regional, some are celebrated all over the country. While some of the unique festivals of India are

Kashmir Tulip Festival – Experience a Rainbow of Colours

India celebrates the Kashmir Tulip Festival each year during spring. The main venue for this festival is the Kashmir Tulip Garden. The festival is held in the Kashmir Tulip Garden which is named after former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Enjoy stunning views of Kashmir’s Dal Lake from this terrace garden which was constructed with the

Puri’s Annual Chariot Festival; Jagannath Yatra – Destination Guide

The Jagannath Yatra, a chariot festival associated with Lord Shri Krishna’s divinity has a great significance in Indian History. It is a fabled festival organized at Puri, in Odisha.  It’s the core tenet of Hindus that every year, Lord Jagannath (Lord Shri Krishna) wishes to visit his birthplace, Mathura for few days.  This festival honours,

It’s One Stage, One Nation at the Khajuraho Dance Festival

India is one of the very few countries to be blessed with diverse cultures and traditions. We live in an incredible country where you will find a new language every 100kms and every 500kms, a completely new culture and tradition. Wih over hundreds of art forms, languages, cultures, traditions, rituals, beliefs, practices, ethnicity prevailing harmoniously

Have You Packed Your Bags for The Gulmarg Snow Festival Yet?

When planning a vacation, while most of us look for an exotic destination abroad, islands on the far-east, European sojourns and other lavish places, what most of us tend to overlook is the fact that there is a paradise back home. Abode of snow-capped mountains, pristine streams, apple orchards, houseboats, valleys, lakes, rivers, tulip gardens

Pahalgam Winter Festival – The Place to be this February

One of the most magical colour combinations nature has ever teased us with is that of blue and white. Especially, when you are in the snow-clad mountains, the chirpy white snowflakes and the contrasting blue sky reminds us of paradise we can’t witness but only imagine. If you could relate to the picture we tried

Losar Festival- Tibetan New Year

India with its incredible diversity is an amazing place for the wanderers. One can see that people in India are receptive towards diverse religions, race, culture, traditions and languages. They live together happily and peacefully without affecting each other’s feelings. It is believed that India is a land of festivals. One can hardly witness a place

Everything You Need To Know About The Sunburn Festival

If you are a true blue music lover and attending festivals is your thing, the Sunburn festival is an event you should make your way to. It has some of the world’s most renowned DJs playing electronic dance music for their beloved audience. While traditionally it has been held along the sultry beaches of Goa

Reward yourself this Women’s Day and embark on a solo adventure

I feel blessed to have been born in the new-age, where the world for women is changing, perpetually and optimistically. Women, in today’s world, are go-getters, liberated and motivated; needless to say, they are exploring themselves more and more every day. But, no matter how ambitious and liberated they have become, whenever a woman talks

Top Ten places to celebrate Holi in India

Holi is the festival that the people of India await and love, to the fullest! This is that time of the year where every street in India looks like a rainbow with a plethora of colours, highest of energies and the best of celebrations. Every place has its own unique way of celebrating Holi and

Indian Cultural Festivals You Must Attend in February

The vibrant country of India finds its diversity in its unity. With the amalgamation of so many vivid cultures, India is a paradise of traditional ethos. The best way to discover the colours of India is through its many Indian cultural festivals, each being distinct from the other. Get a Taste of Indian Cultural Festivals
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