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Top 10 Destinations for an International Summer Holiday

This summer, don’t just Google for the top destinations for an international summer holiday but pack your bags and leave for one.  It’s time you pack your bags and leave to a far-off place that does not offer you heat and humidity but pleasant mornings, lush green orchards to spend your evenings, a casual café

The Only Guide You Need to Know the Best Time to Visit China

Think of China and all you can picture is a magnificent picture of the Great Wall of China and the picturesque pagodas. However, there is more to China than just this. Stretching over 3,000 miles, China is home to the world’s highest plateau and also to deserts, jungles, basins, rainforests and thousand miles of coastline.

7 Alluring and Enticing Things to do in China

When we talk about exotic places to visit, China is a country that will not cross the mind immediately. In fact, it is one of those places known mainly as the world’s manufacturing hub and not a tourist destination. If you are also someone who thinks like that, you are definitely in for a surprise!

100 Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Thailand is a collage of animated sceneries with so much diversity that you won’t find anywhere in the world. There are world-class places to visit in Thailand crowded with over the top party scenes and shopping centres. You’ll see Buddhist temples as well as beautiful Hindu temples and mosques. There are hill tribes who dwell

7 Places To Visit In Malaysia – The Land Of Beautiful Islands

1. Ipoh, Perak Ipoh is slightly more underrated, often slipping under the radar of even the most experienced of travellers. Ipoh is a place of good food, and wonderful natural scenery making it one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. Explore its grand water-themed park called Lost World of Tambun. Kek Long Tong Cave

Top 5 Liveable Cities In The World

Cities all over the world are improving economically as well as socially. It is almost an impossible task to decide which are the most liveable cities in the world. Multiple factors are responsible to make a city liveable. Using the factors like health, educational facilities, infrastructure and public transport, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has come

Five must visit international travel destinations this year – Part 2

When it comes to choosing that perfect international travel destinations, a lot of consideration goes behind your decision. It depends upon the kind of experience that you are expecting from your holidays. Below mentioned is a list of top 5 international travel destinations that you could visit in 2014. 5 international travel destinations A city

On Top of the World: Bangkok’s Best Rooftop Bars

To most people, Bangkok is one of the world’s best shopping destinations. Not appreciated for its urban beauty, we bring to you a view from the top to alter this perspective. So, while you sip on your cocktails, enjoy Bangkok’s roof top bars – only in high spirit.The Sky Bar, Lebua at State Tower Made
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