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What Makes Ubud So Special

Ubud is one name that comes in mind every time someone mentions Bali. This beautiful town holds captivating features and attractions that make it worth visiting. Whether you are a honeymoon couple, group of friends or adventurist, Ubud will give you plenty of options to explore and choose from. Ubud is a special place to

10 Best Things to Do in Java – Indonesia

Java is an important place to visit that is often ignored because most of the tourists move to Bali and believe the archipelago to be the only place of interest in entire Indonesia. Java has several beautiful attractions that one needs to explore if they want to know more about Indonesian culture and heritage. With

Indonesia is More Than Just Bali

The misconception that Indonesia is just Bali need to be removed from the mindset of modern travelers. The fact that they can explore other lesser known, less crowded and prettier Indonesia tourist attractions is something that one must know. Every year, millions of honeymoon couples flock to Bali, a tiny but pristine island in Indonesia

Top 10 things to do in Australia

The beauty of Australia lies in its friendly people, its truly unique wildlife, the diversity of natural attractions, the vast open spaces, the clean beaches and bright sunlight. Come, experience it all with these top 10 must- things do in Australia by clicking on Australia Tour Packages Now! Immerse yourself in the history of Victoria’s gold

Facts about Australia that will blow your mind away

With extraordinary landscapes, Australia is a country of so many dimensions that it also has more than a few secrets. Here are five  facts about Australia that will blow your mind away. Australia has the cleanest air on the planet Australia truly does have the world’s cleanest air; science has confirmed it! Data from a

Go Wild! The Best Places to Spot Australian Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

Go beyond caged sightings and pepper your Australian vacay with some unusual  Australian wildlife trysts. Nothing makes for the perfect wildlife encounter like a meeting with animal inhabitants on their home ground. And that’s exactly what Australia’s indigenous wildlife hotspots offer, as you get up close and personal with the land down under’s unique array

12 Unavoidable Things To Do in Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The very mention of the country invokes fond memories of the movie, “The Sound of Music.” Tall, snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, lush green forests and amazing valleys with free-flowing lakes, that’s Austria Tourism for you. Now if you are wondering about the things to do in

15 Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong for those Tantalizing Spices

Hong Kong has a variety of different cuisines to offer. From local non-vegetarian delights to really tempting vegetarian offerings and mouth-watering desserts as well. But there are times when we Indians crave for the desi offerings even when we are in foreign countries. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like our very own Butter Chicken or

Kailash Mansarovar is Literally Heaven on Earth

Have you ever wondered that if there was to be a heaven on Earth, where it could be? It has to be the most beautiful place on the planet, right? Such a place where God would like to live himself! Interestingly, in four different religions, Kailash Mansarovar, named after two holy destinations- Mount Kailash (standing

11 Affordable Austria Resorts For An Idyllic Ski Vacation in Europe     

Known for its magnificent natural beauty and timeless architecture, Austria is a country that seems like an artist’s proud masterpiece. Tourists flock to this place in heavy numbers, attracted by its nostalgic old world charm, beautifully mismatched houses, neo-classical architecture, lovely music and arts, cafes, and most popular of all, skiing! It is simply an

Guide For Experiencing Prague Nightlife At Its Best

If you are looking for a crazy and unreal nightlife experience, then you must visit Prague. And if you are wondering in what to expect, then all we can tell you is that is expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything and everything. Prague has something to offer everyone. Weather its flashing lights, loud
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