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Africa Archive

When the Wildebeests Wander: The Great Migration

Let us paint you a picture: the lush rippling grass of the Serengeti, the puffs of dirt rising as hooves race over the earth, rippling manes blowing in the breeze. These are just small slices of what you’ll see when the Great Wildebeest Migration occurs this year – and even then, you won’t be able

Discover the Wild Side of Africa with Thomas Cook!

No matter how often we have seen the big cats on popular wildlife channels, experiencing the real thrill of standing a few feet away from them is quite another thing. It could be the piercing eyes of a lion, the lush, spotted fur of the leopard or the leashed power of the slinky cheetah. And

Travelling to Kenya? These are the Top Places to visit in Kenya

If there is one nation that is known for refining its refined elegance and rustic ambience, it is Kenya. Kenya is regarded as one of the best-kept travel secrets in the continent of Africa. The fascinating places in Kenya would always offer you with plenty of natural beauty and a lot of natural diversity. This

Renowned beach destinations in Africa

If you are in a holiday mood and want to have a super refreshing time with your buddies, plan for a beach destination. Although there are many breathtaking beaches throughout the world, you need to choose the one that can double your enjoyment and leave you invigorated. So, what about the beach destinations in Africa?

Explore spectacular nature parks in Africa

Africa is the continent of expansive landscapes and wildlife. It is the second largest continent in the world and arguably the most fascinating paradise for photographers. Africa hasn’t changed in centuries. The continent is an abode of nature. It is adorned by beautiful and sprawling nature parks that are home to many endangered wildlife species.

Visit Africa, the land of untamed wilderness

The red earth, the smell of wilderness, the untamed wild and the sense of vastness, all these are highlights of an Africa tour. The sheer raw impact of the travel will leave you in awe. Africa is a vast juxtaposition of contradictions and variety. Where on one hand you will have natural parks to cruise

Five essentials for an African Safari

In a list of the most unforgettable life experiences, an African safari would probably rank number one. If you’re making the trip to Africa for the first time, the experience would be a revelation. Living in a desert with the most untamed inhabitants of our planet certainly has its thrills, but taking a few precautionary
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