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I Never Expected This Experiential Trip to Ladakh To Be This Beautiful

There is something about road trips. And if that road trip is a bike trip to Ladakh, the whole experience is something else altogether. After a lot of thinking, checking, cross-checking and short-listing we decided to opt for a biking tour package with Thomas Cook. This was the best decision ever. Honestly, road trips are

Ladakh Adventure: Satiate Your Wanderlust by Exploring The Paradise

For each and every travel buff, Ladakh Adventure is considered as one of the heavenly trips of a lifetime. Ladakh, the land of Lamas, the Land of high passes and also known as the Adventure Capital of India is well-known for the royal endless offerings to the visitors particularly for the adventure enthusiasts coming from

Invigorating and Exciting Things to Do in Ladakh

Think of Ladakh and you’ll be dreaming of the pristine blue skies, the motorcycle ride, monasteries and perhaps the movie ‘Three Idiots’.  Known for its breathtaking landscapes and a culture that is remarkable, Ladakh is more than just a destination. The cold deserts, snow clad mountains and glaciers all make Ladakh special. The rivers and

Losar Festival- Tibetan New Year

India with its incredible diversity is an amazing place for the wanderers. One can see that people in India are receptive towards diverse religions, race, culture, traditions and languages. They live together happily and peacefully without affecting each other’s feelings. It is believed that India is a land of festivals. One can hardly witness a place

Trekking In Ladakh – 10 Perfect Treks For Adventure Junkies

Located on the northernmost tip of the country, Ladakh is a dream destination place for many travellers especially the trekkers. Trekking in Ladakh is one of those adrenaline pumping experiences that soothes your mind, body and soul. If trekking in Ladakh is on your bucket list too, here are our recommendations to you. 1. Chadar

Best Time To Visit Ladakh – A Complete Guide

Ladakh, which means ‘the land of high passes’, is the picturesque region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that is right on the top of every traveller’s dream list. The place has blue lakes amidst brown plains, snow-clad mountains and valleys, and a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. If any trip requires the use

20 Fabulous Places To Visit In Ladakh

One of the most serene places in the world, breathtaking Ladakh is a dream holiday destination for many. Right from the lively hamlets around Leh and beautiful monasteries to the flavorful Himalayan cuisine, an enchanting vacation awaits you. Here’s a list of best places to visit in Ladakh for a perfect bucket list for your

10 secrets you didn’t know about Ladakh

The majestic and mysterious Himalayan ranges have always had flocks of tourists and visitors. While this was not the case a few years ago, Ladakh has, now, become one of the most sought after and visited spots in India. Have you wondered why? Though you already know this about Ladakh, here it is anyway. Its

Places to see in Ladakh – The land of amazing discoveries

Perched at the top of incredible India is the mesmerising and beautiful land of Ladakh. A heaven for bikers, trekkers and explorers, the rugged lands of Ladakh are open to all. A beautiful amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan cultures which clearly reflects in its cuisine, and architecture; this is one place you must visit at

Dos & Don’ts for Your Ladakh Holiday

If you are an offbeat travel enthusiast in search of peace, India has a lot to offer. For wanderers looking for lofty mountains, majestic lakes, barren slopes and striking monasteries, Ladakh holiday tour packages are the ultimate deal! However, before you immerse yourself in this mystical ‘Land of High Passes’ there are a few dos

5 Things to Look Out For In Ladakh

Tired of all the noisy traffic jams and dull skies? If yes, then this might be the perfect time to visit the beautiful region of Ladakh! Majestic mountains, clear blue skies and glorious green pastures fresh from the melted snow…In short, it’s time to take a mini vacation! Here are 5 reasons why you should

Enjoy an adventure trip to Ladakh

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Ladakh located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir is the best place to visit for your next holidays. The destination offers a wide range of water sports option to relax the adrenaline rush of adventure junkies. Apart from trying your hands on water sports, you can also try

Get a glimpse of divinity in Ladakh monasteries

In the furthest far flung areas of Northern India lies the epitome of Tibetan culture – Ladakh. Nestled between the Great Himalayas and Kunlun mountain ranges, Ladakh is the land of beautiful monasteries, long passes, numbingly cold barren landscape and insanely high plateaus where a certain culture still inhabits in the harshest climatic conditions. Leh
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