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Forex Archive

Visit these countries without carrying the local currency

Whenever we fly to a foreign country we have to carry the local currency. But there are few countries where the local currency is not used widely, or the locals and tourists can make transactions in other international currencies. There are also countries that have accepted other international currencies as their legal tenders. We list

11 features that make Thomas Cook Forex Cards save money for you

If you’re planning an international trip, you’ll hear a lot about “forex”. Forex is essentially a short form for foreign exchange. Its rates can vary daily, and sometimes even drastically, according to the country, economic and political scenarios and other factors. Whichever country you’re planning to visit, these few pointers will help you understand what

How to Enjoy Living Abroad on a Student Budget

Studying at an international university is a dream come true. You will make some of the best memories of your life here. As much as it’s about your course, it is also about experiencing a new culture and a new country.  From figuring out a new city in a foreign land to keeping a tab

Don’t let the Dollar Delay your Travel Plans

Foreign exchange may not be one of the first things on your international travel checklist. But you simply cannot do without forex – be it in a form of cash, prepaid forex, or cheque in your travels. Be it for studies or for leisure. While it is dependent on many factors, the foreign exchange rates

Visiting Singapore? Here’s How You Can Make Most of Your Trip!

Singapore! The very name conjures up images of a clean, beautiful country with its pristine waterfront and the iconic Merlion welcoming you into his home. Rising from its humble beginnings as a fishing village, Singapore has become one of the most advanced economies in the world today. When you are visiting Singapore, this country welcomes

What Parents Need to Know About Their Children Studying Abroad

Your child has just received their acceptance letter to study at a university abroad. It’s a moment of pride and excitement and yet… it can be pretty stressful for you as a parent. The thought of sending them away is a worrying one and you’re probably thinking of a thousand questions and imagining as many

Why a Forex Card is Better than Cash for You as a Student Abroad

Studying abroad is an opportunity and a responsibility. An opportunity to gain quality education and a responsibility because you will be staying alone, probably for the first time in your life. So, while you will have your much-awaited freedom, you will also need to be able to cook your meals, do your grocery shopping and

8 Questions Students May Ask When They Receive Their First Forex Card

Your bags are packed, you’re ready to go! You’ve got your college acceptance letter, your tickets are booked, the visa has arrived… what’s missing in this picture? Money. And then your parents hand you a Thomas Cook Borderless Prepaid card. A card loaded with the currency of the country you’ll be studying in. With this

28,000 Reasons to Smile this Diwali with Thomas Cook

Ah, the end of the year is almost upon us. It’s time to take a holiday, to celebrate all the things that have happened in the last year. You’ve booked your tickets, booked and received your visa, but there seems to be one last thing to do before you pack your bags. What could that

8 Reasons to be Excited about our Crackling Diwali Offer

Diwali is just around the corner. Lamps will be lit, houses will be cleaned and gifts and sweets exchanged. It truly is a magical time, and now we’re giving you another reason (or ten) to celebrate – the Thomas Cook Forex and Visa Diwali offer. It’s really simple. As the year winds down, we’re sure
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