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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Archive

Best Way to Get Your Sri Lanka Visa

Sri Lanka is a scenic and ancient island nation in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. It has an impressive landscape, consisting of expansive beaches on the coast and a diverse topography inland. You can choose to witness the beauty of the verdant rainforest or enjoy the cool weather in the highlands. Tens of

Best Outdoor Srilankan Adventures for that Adrenalin Rush

Sri Lanka’s variety of climates along with the culture, traditions, cuisines and richness in flora and fauna usually attract the international tourists from all over the world. The high peaks, the deeper waterfalls, the rugged terrains, the shining greens and the snaking rivers and the pristine chasms make the place ideal for all kind of

30 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Some people are beach people, some people are mountain people. For the ones who are both, there is no place like the small island country of Sri Lanka, which has such a varied landscape that you can be on sandy beaches on one day, and on hilly highlands the next. For a touch of jungle

The Seven Southern Paradise Beaches Of Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka makes for a pretty excellent vacation spot. And a bulk of excitement of a Sri Lankan vacation is taken up by the innumerable and beautiful beaches that adorn the great island nation. Beaches here are full of pristine white sand stretched for miles and miles, with beautiful blue water splashing

Everything You Need To Know About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the younger cousin of good old India, is an absolute beauty. A country that has so much to offer, and is worthy of featuring in your ‘places to visit’ list. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, and justifiably so due to its striking qualities. You have got beaches in

A comprehensive guide to Sri Lankan food

A trip to Sri Lanka is bound to be filled with new experiences and newly gained knowledge of Sri Lankan culture. But a huge bite, if you pardon our pun, of Sri Lankan culture is occupied by the lip-smacking, mouth-watering and delectable Sri Lankan food that you’ll have the opportunity to try and enjoy. In

Preparing for Sri Lanka with 8 Simple Tips

British Colonial architecture, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and unbelievably delicious food – all make Sri Lanka the perfect holiday destination. If you haven’t been here, you surely may have heard of its beauty from friends or from travel magazines. So if you’re planning a trip to this gem of the Indian Ocean, you’ll need to

How to spend a week in Sri Lanka

‘Heaven on Earth’, this is how almost everyone returning from Sri Lanka describes the country. Packed to the coastline with a vibrant culture, amazing people and great food, this gem of the Indian Ocean is the complete vacation destination. If you’re looking to having a great time in this tiny paradise island and don’t know

Exploring the Trail of Ramayana in Sri Lanka

The Ramayana is one of the greatest legends of Indian mythology. Simply reading about it makes you want to be there when the giant armies clashed or when Rama fought Ravana. What if we told you it was possible to visit the battlefields or even the place where Seeta Devi was kept captive? Yes, you

Discovering the many flavours of Sri Lanka

Discovering the many flavours of Sri Lanka If endless beaches, lush forests, growing mountains and oodles of elephants are what you crave, make sure you head to the tear drop of ‘the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka’.  The diversified landscape filled with the sweetest people on earth will make Sri Lankan Tourism feel like heaven.

Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel to Sri Lanka

A serene place, with friendly people, heavenly food and clean surroundings. Yes, it’s Sri Lanka we’re tripping on. Deserted beaches, amazing sea food and pristine countryside will leave you thoroughly impressed. Not to mention, Sri Lankans are the most hospitable and humble people you will ever meet. Well, that reasons enough to travel to Sri
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