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13 Captivating and Magical Places to Visit in Shillong

Shillong is one of the loveliest cities of North East. This is one of the popular destinations of the region too. Due to its stunning similarity along with Scottish highlands, Shillong is referred to as “Scotland of the East”. The place is blessed along with the pleasant climate all year long. The striking beauty and

Ten Interesting Facts Nobody Told You About The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Perhaps the most striking feature of Cherrapunji Tourism is its fascinating Living Root Bridges that have been handcrafted by many generations of Khasi tribes who devised the ingenious technique to make these natural wonders. Among the many living root bridges, it’s the Double-Decker Bridge that speaks to the sophistication and engineering of the indigenous people of

13 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In North East

This is the time to give wings to your fascination for wildlife. All you require is to just step into the land of North East India one that inspires the all the wildlife freaks across the world. So, when it comes to the wildlife, North East is one of the perfect destinations of choice. When

Cherrapunji: Everything You Need to Know About the Wettest Place on Earth

Cherrapunji is the Wettest place on Earth, that is no surprise, but amidst those thick rainforests and heavy showers are numerous known and unknown natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. And if you are concerned about the heavy Cherrapunji rainfall, then relax, the locals have survived there for centuries so that you will last

Kaziranga National Park – A Complete Travel Guide

The Brahmaputra river basin has bestowed the land of Assam with natural wonders. It has created an ecosystem so diverse around its belt that almost 80% of the flora and fauna that thrives here is unique to this region.When it comes to places to visit in Assam, one of the names always makes its impression.

Best Season to Visit Northeast India: Our Complete Guide

Image Source What is the Best Season to Visit Northeast India? In short, the answer would be: The monsoon period in case you want to experience the breathtaking view of the waterfalls in full flow The winters in case you want to witness snow and crystal clear rivers The northeast part of India boasts of

Shopping in North East India: The Best Items to Buy

Travelling Northeastern India and are looking forward to carrying memories with you? Shopping in North East Indian regions is a must. Take a camera with you, visit these places, buy the crafts and take a truckload of happiness along with you apart from the happy and adventurous times. These places have local craftwork, art and

12 Tips to Remember Before you plan your Holiday in North East India

The seven sister states, North East of India is a spectacular beauty. The magical mountains, dense forests, and beautiful Buddhist monasteries add more to the state’s beauty. A holiday in North East India will surely rejuvenate your soul, and keep you coming back here for more. Being a mountanious region, it calls for a lot

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About North East India

The North-Eastern side of India is so beautiful, yet it remains unexplored even among Indian travellers. Probably we don’t even know some of the areas that exist in the region. So far even if you may have heard of North East India, it could have been mainly for all the wrong reasons, which have affected

Is North East All About Massages, Momos and Marijuana?

North East is all about massages, momos and marijuana” is what most people think about one of the most beautiful regions in the country. But why we often end up forming opinions about places without ever visiting them? Why let our biases create beliefs about people we’ve never met? Do you think such a notion

Travel to North East India: ‘The Hidden Jewels’

The winds of winter have begun making their way across the country, making it an amazing time to head out on a vacation with the family. Now while India surely is full of exciting vacation destinations, there are some places that not many know about. A good number of such places are present across the

Ten fascinating places in North East

North-east corner of the country is a collection of 7 states that are full of surprises when it comes to places to explore. Spread through the region are countless locations that can only be defined as a Traveller’s Paradise. So if you want to explore this part of the country, we’ve made a list of

North East – The land of undulating scenic beauty

A serene land tucked up in the lap of mighty Himalayas, the North East regions in India is bestowed with picturesque locale and inexorable culture.    The vast stretch of land located on the foothills of Himalayas, is a glorious heritage of art, culture and festivities. The tropical beauty of India, finds itself an all
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