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HongKong Archive

15 Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong for those Tantalizing Spices

Hong Kong has a variety of different cuisines to offer. From local non-vegetarian delights to really tempting vegetarian offerings and mouth-watering desserts as well. But there are times when we Indians crave for the desi offerings even when we are in foreign countries. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like our very own Butter Chicken or

These Hong Kong Food Dishes will Completely Blow your Mind

Hong Kong has been a significant seaport from the Qin dynasty. In the 19th century, the British colonial rule, this seaport slowly developed into crucial financial capital. This constant coming and going of people have made an enormous impact on the Hong Kong Food and culture. The Cantonese, British, and other Asian cultures were mainly

Hong Kong Beaches – Your Escape from the Concrete Jungles

Tree-clad outcrops blended with sharp peak rises are an integral part of the Hong Kong Beaches. The main attraction that draws tourists towards the beaches of Hong Kong is the big water. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the concrete jungle of Hong Kong gets plenty of attention. However, there is

Travelling to Hong Kong? Here’s a List of Attractions You Cannot Miss

The New York of China, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most fascinating financial hubs, with a knack for attracting tourists from all over the world. From its compelling skyscraper-studded skyline to the deep connection it has with ancient Chinese culture, every moment of your Hong Kong Travel is worth savouring. Regardless of whether you

All You Need Too Know About the Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park, Hong Kong is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. It a fun family outing not just for children but also for adults. If you are visiting Hong Kong on a family vacation, you must spend at least a day here. Although, you might need a couple of days to explore

12 Incredibly Romantic Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal place for a fun romantic getaway, with your significant other. Hong Kong has on offer, luxury, fun entertainments, adventure, cultural experiences, delicious food and budget friendly accommodation. There is something here for everybody, and the list of Romantic Things to do in Hong Kong is endless and ever growing. You can

Enjoy a Memorable Cruise in Hong Kong with Japan

Tired of the same old holiday plans and boring travel packages, well we have something so exciting for you and your family, that you will want to book your next family adventure right away! What we are about to tell you, will blow your socks off, because this is an all-inclusive travel package. You get

13 Exciting Places to Visit in Hong Kong for a fun Family Vacation

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It boasts of spectacular views, serene islands, thrilling experiences, exciting attractions, lip-smacking food and plenty of amazing shopping options. The interesting aspect of the many places to visit in Hong Kong is that there is something here for everyone in the family. The best

Soaking in the Oriental Feel while at the Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a bustling mix of eastern and western cultures, is not only one of the busiest cities in the world but also has the distinction of being a major tourist attraction. The highly populated city with a stunning skyline dotted with over 1,200 skyscrapers attracts tourists from around the world. The city is undoubtedly

Online Registration Required for Indians Travelling to Hong Kong

The Immigration Department of Hong Kong has recently announced that Indian passport holders will now require a pre-arrival registration before travelling to Hong Kong. However, travellers to Hong Kong need not worry, as the visa for Indian passport holders is still free. The only additional requirement is an online application for the pre-arrival registration, which is

The A to Z of Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping is not just about buying things that you like. For some people shopping means staying up to date with fashion, for some, it’s a means of collection and for some, it’s simply a therapy. Does that remind you of the movie “the confession of a shopaholic”?  Well, it’s a story every shopaholic could relate

Reload fun at amusement parks in Hong Kong

Great street side food, dazzling culture and a perfect mix of thrill and fun– welcome to Hong Kong, the land where merriment strikes its apex! At a time when the world is engrossed with mundane activities of earning livelihood, a little recess from the hectic schedule could be a welcoming change. Spend some time with

Explore Hong Kong for pleasure and thrills

Most of us probably associate Hong Kong with the hustling and jostling markets of its namesake that are strewn across most Indian cities; filled with narrow nooks and busy shoppers. We call them the Hong Kong market- where everything is available; from foreign perfumes to high-end gadgets. The hustle bustle part is there alright, but
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