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Top Countries Where You Can Spend Your Vacation Like a Millionaire

Budget allocation is one of the most important and complex parts of vacation planning. One must ensure that the destination they are visiting suits their bank balance so that they can enjoy the best moments during their trip without worrying about their holiday going over-budget. A number of countries have slowly started shining on the

Top 6 Singapore Adventure Sports For Thrill Seekers

The little red dot, also known as ‘A Fine City’ or the ‘Asia Lite’, is nothing but a country of excitement and adventure! Everyone around the world loves to complain about it, but still, go travelling to it; because why not? For what the state offers, people get enthralled because of the cleanliness, safety and

6 Romantic places in Singapore that will give you #CoupleGoals

One of the closest tourist destinations from India, Singapore has been a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. And with the advent of affordable air travel, it is one of the favourite destinations for Indians looking for a quick getaway. .Despite being a small country, there is no dearth of stunning places in

Sentosa Island – Everything You Need To Know About

Sentosa Island is Singapore’s prized tourist attraction dotted with a smorgasbord of fun-tastic activities for the visitors of all age. There are a lot of places to visit on Sentosa Island with fun friendly attractions for the visitors of all age. Helmed as Asia’s ultimate destination resort, Sentosa consists of six world-class hotels, a convention

Top 30 Things To Do In Singapore

Best things to do in Singapore 1. Ice-skate at Marina Bay Once you gaze in amazement at the trio of towers at Marina Bay Sands, don’t forget to glide across the ice at the skating rink for a joyful time. 2. The Flying Ferris Watch all of Singapore beneath you as you ride the largest

5 must-see sights in Singapore

The small and quaint city-state of Singapore has for many years caught the eye of many-a-traveller. This quiet land has a sheen of luxury to it that makes it irresistible to the world. Not only does the city-state have multiple high-rise buildings but it has an equal amount of greenery spread all across the city.

Endless hours of fun with the perfect 4-day Singapore itinerary

From marveling at futuristic skyscrapers to experiencing adventure at gigantic theme parks, zoos and safaris, the stunning city of Singapore offers every ingredient of fun and excitement. The pristine beaches, botanic gardens and a plethora of shopping hotspots make Singapore an ideal destination for a family holiday. Here’s your 4-day Singapore itinerary to explore this beautiful

3 Day Itinerary for Singapore travellers

When you go on a vacation to another country it is advisable to spend at least a week there. It’s a smart choice, since you get to explore almost every aspect of the place, and thus, can make the most of your vacation. However, not everyone can manage to take an entire week out of

Little secrets of Singapore

Every country has its own quirks, and the Lion’s City is no exception. Here are some little secrets of Singapore and underground facts (no, not the fantastic underground mall the city has built – indiscreet Singapore tourism) that you had no inkling about! 4 Secrets of Singapore 1) No flush? Pay fine The Singapore law will

Exploring delicacies on Singapore roads

Singaporeans appear a pretty reserved group to strangers. But you just need a faint mention of something delicious to light up their hearts. The love for mouth watering delights is very apparent in Singapore. In fact the crowded, hot, muggy hawker center in this island country is nothing less than food paradise. It is a

Get spoilt with choice of activities in Singapore

If short travel is in your mind, you should definitely visit Singapore for your upcoming holidays. A land of shopping, dining and indisputable fun, this glamorous Asian country is visited by millions of travelers each year who absorbingly long for break from their monotonous living. Apart from the most magnificent tourist attractions in Singapore, You

Rejoice in Singapores festivals

Singapore may be a tiny island boasting of a roaring business culture, but it is also an enchanting place where Chinese, Malay and Indian influences meet in a brilliant fusion. Travel to Singapore to see the many Singapores festivals that the flourishing cultures have spawned. Revel in the City of Gardens’ pulsating diversity on any

See the best of Asia in Singapore

Singapore is a captivating mix of tall skyscrapers and modern affluence that attracts tourists with its vibrant multicultural scene, food and shopping centers. A tapestry of Indian, Chinese and Malay cultures forms the backdrop of the nation’s rise in recent times as a formidable regional economic power.Activities to indulge in There are several things that
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