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Sometimes I wonder that why are we making the hell out of this beautiful thing given to us called –LIFE. Isn’t it beautiful that we are alive with all our organs and body parts working perfectly all right then what is it which is making us sad? Maybe the answer is traveling. Camping, Rafting Rishikesh,

11 Hill Stations Near Delhi – Your Next Weekend Getaway

It is a known fact that India’s capital, Delhi is a great tourist destination in itself; however, it is also one of the busiest cities. Time and again, people living in and around Delhi are looking for a getaway which will take them away from the city lights and the never-ending hustle bustle of the

20 Hill Stations in India You Must Visit This Summer

The summer heat and humidity in India is intolerable, but the hill stations in India come to your rescue welcoming you with incredible landscapes set against stunning backdrops and a cold climate all the way through. The hill stations in India, particularly the ones in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are certainly a treat to the

Top ten must-visit hill stations in India

If there are only two or three names that pop up in your mind every time you think about a hill stations in India, then here is something that can be really helpful. The vast landscape of India has much more to offer you than a mundane few. Below mentioned is a list of ten
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