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Enjoy the Tranquility of Hills at the Bamboo Retreat

The hills of Gangtok, with their serene, majestic vibes have always attracted the minds of travel enthusiasts from far and wide. They have taken up a prominent place in the travel…Read More »

The Most Peaceful Yoga Retreats in India

India has been a dream destination for Yoga and with many yogi, courses, and ashrams; I mean why not? But in an ocean, how do you exactly choose one? From…Read More »

21 Best Yoga Retreats of India for the Ultimate Spiritual Experience

14 Best Yoga Retreats of India for the Ultimate Spiritual Experience

Yoga and India are almost synonymous with each other. Every year, millions of tourists and travellers looking for some peace and tranquillity come down to not only learn Yoga but…Read More »

Why Alleppey is a Sweet-Spot for Romantics this Valentine’s Day

Why Alleppey is a Sweet-Spot for Romantics this Valentine’s Day

Who does not wish for a dreamy destination to head out to this Valentine’s Day? Every single one of us is looking for an offbeat Indian destination to visit and…Read More »

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

Let’s face it, not everyone can plan a lavish honeymoon full of luxurious gourmet dinners and a suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Everyone wishes to, of course, and some may…Read More »

10 Best Hotels In Andaman For The Perfect Vacation

10 Best Hotels in Andaman for the Perfect Vacation - Thomas Cook Blog

A holiday in the Andaman Islands is the perfect escape from the trapping of daily life. The breathtaking beaches, pristine reefs, lush green forests, enticing wildlife and rich tribal culture;…Read More »

Things we need to learn from these happiest countries in the world

Things We Need to Learn From These Happiest Countries in The World

Did you know that Bhutan prefers calculating its GDP in the terms of Happiness? Did you also know that some happiest countries (we’d rather not name them) overwork their employees…Read More »

Go green: 10 most eco-friendly travel destinations for your next vacation

Go Green: 10 Most Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation

Pollution, pollution everywhere, not a single pinch of fresh air to breathe! This is our life in a nutshell. We deserve better, don’t we? We deserve the sight of rainbows,…Read More »

Reasons you should spend your money on experiences, not things

Reasons You Should Spend Money On Travel Experiences, Not Things

All of us toil day in and day out to keep our wallets happy. It is time to stop and think what is it that really brings us happiness. The…Read More »

Science says travelling improves your health and relationships

Science Says Travelling Improves Your Health and Relationships

A wise man once said, ‘Health is wealth’. We have heard this gazillion times and have taken the usual remedies like regular exercise, a healthy diet and what not! Well,…Read More »

Live in the woods like a boss

Live in The Woods Like a Boss - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog

Endless timelines, pressing deadlines, long meetings, out of the blue conference calls and mountains of stress, this is our lives in a nutshell. The city life has engulfed us in…Read More »

These beautiful places in the world are sure to leave you in awe

These Beautiful Places in The World are Sure to Leave You in Awe

The world is full of natural wonders! So let’s acquaint you with a few of them today. We are sure these beautiful places in the world are sure to spark…Read More »

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