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‘Heaven on earth’ at Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

In a world filled with materialistic pleasures, we sometimes forget to connect to our spiritual selves. It could be to introspect our past decisions, gain clarity on future prospects or seek forgiveness for our wrongdoings. But what if we told you that there is a place to do all of this, and more. The Kailash

Worried about Your Child Going Abroad? Let Thomas Cook help!

It’s a joyous occasion – your child has received the acceptance letter from the college or university abroad. Emotions are high, celebrations are in, and yet before you know it, the worrying will start. Will he or she be prepared? How will he handle living alone? What can you do to help him out? To

Everything you need to know about Kovalam Beach in Kerala

Image Source Because of several serene and beautiful places to visit in Kerala, the state holds a divinity among those who consider travel as a part of their lifestyle. Hiding a world within itself, this lovely state is has ample beauty located in the hills and the beaches. While Munnar and Palakad offer the lush

Attain Nirvana with a holy dip at the Kumbh Mela 2019

At some point in our lives we all get our spiritual calling to embark on a Holy pilgrimage.  It could stem from a pledge we make, an auspicious event in our personal life or simply, a need for spiritual fulfilment. You now have an opportunity of a lifetime to kick-start this New Year on an

Camping and Rafting package in rishikesh

Famous explorer Ibn Battuta once said, “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” This holds true for everybody. Travel is a remedy through which one can heal themselves. In the hustle bustle everyday life of ours, it only travels which can provide us the must need to relax we all desire. Travel

How to Save Money for International Festival and Enjoy Yourself at One

Every year, people from all over the world mark certain dates on their calendars. They start saving, book tickets and eagerly anticipate days of these international festival filled with music, boundless energy, culture, art and more. Sounds just like a vacation, doesn’t it? But we’re not discussing holidays or trips that people plan. We’re talking

What Makes Ubud So Special

Ubud is one name that comes in mind every time someone mentions Bali. This beautiful town holds captivating features and attractions that make it worth visiting. Whether you are a honeymoon couple, group of friends or adventurist, Ubud will give you plenty of options to explore and choose from. Ubud is a special place to

10 Best Things to Do in Java – Indonesia

Java is an important place to visit that is often ignored because most of the tourists move to Bali and believe the archipelago to be the only place of interest in entire Indonesia. Java has several beautiful attractions that one needs to explore if they want to know more about Indonesian culture and heritage. With

Top 10 things to do in Australia

The beauty of Australia lies in its friendly people, its truly unique wildlife, the diversity of natural attractions, the vast open spaces, the clean beaches and bright sunlight. Come, experience it all with these top 10 must- things do in Australia by clicking on Australia Tour Packages Now! Immerse yourself in the history of Victoria’s gold

Places to Visit and Things to do in Pondicherry

Puducherry is a Union Territory and is bound by Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry is the capital and also the largest city. While it may occupy a very small area on the map, it is big enough to leave people mesmerised and wowed. This sunshine city was under the French rule until 1954 and hence has strong

Everything You Need to Know About The Pious Rameshwaram

The spiritual land of Rameshwaram is a beautiful ‘Island City’ situated in the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserves. Standing alone in the sea, between India and Sri Lanka, this peaceful and pious city is a famous Indian travel destination that attracts devotees and tourists from all over the world. What sets apart the numerous religious

This Mother’s Day Spoil Your Mom at These Superb Travel Destinations

This mother’s day, ditch the restaurants and shopping for a change and instead travel with your mom. She would love it. They say God could not be everywhere so he made mothers. Couldn’t be more right! The purest relationship which doles out unadulterated love. But do we always do full justice to this bond?How many
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