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Making the best of your trip to Thailand: 10 adventures you shouldn’t miss

The tropical island of Thailand is much more than what meets the eye. Beyond the temples, tuk-tuks and bustling streets of Thailand, there lies a paradise for all adrenaline and action lovers. Thailand is brimming with various adventure activities amidst the picturesque scenarios. From depths of the sea, rushing rivers to rainforests, Thailand has something for everybody. We present to you a list of adventures that have to be on your to-do list for your next trip to Thailand.

Things to do on Your Trip to Thailand

  1. Begin your trip to Thailand with Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is often associated with countries in Central and South America, but Thailand offers some of the best Scuba  diving adventures in the region. Explore the 2000 km coastline that offers some truly breathtaking views of the underwater world.

Scuba Diving is often recommended as the must-try activities in Thailand by the Thailand Tourism board.

Best Places:  Phuket, Khao Lak, Surin and Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Thao, Chumphon pinnacle, Sail Rock, Tarutao National Marine Park

  1. Fly Boarding

Fly – Boarding is relatively new to the adventurous Thailand landscape. This thrilling water sport gives you a high dose of adrenalin as the board flies up to 9 meters upwards, rotates, somersaults, and then dives back into the water.

Best Places: Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui

  1. Cave Exploration on your trip to Thailand

Exploring ancient caves of Thailand has become a popular activity, with many being attracted to the mystery and challenges attached to them. Cave Exploration is often described as a dangerous activity due to the strong presence of carbon – dioxide and extremely low temperatures. Thus, it is recommended to take a proper training before you embark on your adventure.

Best Places: Chiang Dao Cave in Chiang Mai, Tham Pee Hua Toe in Krabi, Tham Mae Lana in Mae Hong Son, Tham Lot in Mae Hong Son

  1. Zip line Adventure

Zip lines give you an opportunity to fly through the lush forests of Thailand. You can opt for the many zip line tours offered or spend hours zipping from one treetop to the next.

Best Places: Champoo Wildlife Sanctuary and Khao Kheow Open Safari Park

  1. Elephant Trekking

Elephants have been an important aspect of the Thai Culture. Elephant trekking lets you experience the beautiful landscape of Thailand while sitting atop an elephant’s back. As part of eco – tourism, elephant trekking is the most highly recommended activity. Embark on this adventure on your next trip to Thailand.

Best Places: Patara Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, Ban Ta Klang Elephant Study Centre in Surin

  1. Diving with Whale Sharks

Swimming with white whales will give you the much-needed adrenaline rush whilst enjoying the company of the magnificent whale sharks. The best time to visit Thailand to see these wonderful creatures is between February to April.

Best Places: Mu Koh Surin National Park

  1. Mountain Biking

One of the best ways to explore the country is through the hidden places of the country. Bike down the beautiful landscapes to discover an unconventional side of Thailand.

Best Place: Chiang Mai

  1. Kayaking

Kayaking is a popular eco-adventure tourism activity  in Thailand. Explore the untouched areas of Thailand as you kayak across the waterbody discovering the many islands, mangroves, caves, high cliffs and other natural wonders.

Best Places: Hin Mouang, Hin Daeng, Phuket, Khao Lak, Surin and Similan Islands

  1. Koh Samui Jungle Tour

Koh Samui is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand; however, there is an unexplored side of the island which is waiting to be discovered. Explore the fauna and flora of the forest through one of the many tours organized by tour operators.

Best Place: Namuang Safari Park, Koh Samui

  1. Wakeboarding

An activity enjoyed by travellers and locals, Wakeboarding is increasingly becoming a popular sport in Thailand. Due to this increasing popularity, there are various wake parks across the country.

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Best Place: Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Rayong Province

Thailand is truly a land of many adventures. Plan a trip to Thailand today, to try one of the many adventures that awaits to boost your adrenaline.



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Making The Best of Your Trip to Thailand:10 Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss
Thailand has something for all thrill seekers. We present to you a list of adventures that you must do your next trip to Thailand.
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