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International Events

5 Must Visit Festivals of The World

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Festivals speak of cultures not to be missed and remarkable places to discover, they encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and set off into cultural wilderness. So, whether you are currently exploring or are yet to take a leap, we hope you enjoy our handpicked few.Carnival of Venice, Italy
If wearing a glitter laden mask has always been your fancy, do it in the picturesque city of Venice. The Venetian masks eyeing you from alleyways and the numerous parades, displays and events allow you to immerse yourself in the celebration. Symbolic of the 18th century with its famous masked ball, is almost like a fairytale come alive.Oktoberfest, Germany
For those who think beer is the solution to all of life’s problems, this legendary Bavarian beer fest may seem like the world’s biggest frat party. There’s music, brass bands and dancing, and if you are a wallflower it allows you to lighten up a bit and have some fun. An event where everyone gets into the spirit of things with gusto, it’s time to grab a pint.Hili festival - IndiaHoli, IndiaA must on the bucket list of those who actually want to play an unlimited amount of paintball, the Indian way. Holi is significant to Indian culture as it celebrates the beginning of spring, along with an abundance of colour. Rich with Indian legends, this one is a peculiar favorite if you want to experience the mystical land of the snake charmers. India HolidaysDia de Muertos, Mexico
An alternative version of Halloween, expect colourful costumes, skeletons on stilts, parties near graves, skull-shaped lollies and bands performing next to cemeteries. This enchanting spectacle will demystify your fears as they celebrate life in all its glory. Crowded with vendors selling trinkets and all things spooky, you might just find that lucky rabbit’s foot you’ve always looked for.Oaxaca MexicoDia de los Muertos

Dragon Boat Race, China
If you are looking for a celebration that’s larger than life, then the dragon boats won’t disappoint. Giant sized boats are attractively painted and embellished with a dragon’s head and tail. As night falls, the herculean dragon lanterns and spark filled creations come alive. Characteristic to the calming country, the soul stirring experience will help you find your peace.

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