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Akhilesh Vasani Archive

Renowned beach destinations in Africa

If you are in a holiday mood and want to have a super refreshing time with your buddies, plan for a beach destination. Although there are many breathtaking beaches throughout the world, you need to choose the one that can double your enjoyment and leave you invigorated. So, what about the beach destinations in Africa?

Importance of carrying forex prepaid card while traveling overseas

When planning a travel to an international destination, it always throws an important question in front of us, and that is about money. The most common question that haunts any traveler’s mind when travelling abroad is how conveniently they can carry foreign exchange currency while they are in a foreign location. Carrying some cash is

Importance of travel insurance while on a trip

When holidaying with our loved ones, we definitely don’t want it to get disrupted by any unforeseen events or get the fun marred by an unexpected turn of events. Whether you are on a holiday or on a business trip, it is very important that we ensure that your travel remains hassle free. Hence, when

Forex guard for your international tour and travel

When planning an international vacation we want it to be hassle free. There are many concerns that demand our attention while planning a trip abroad, among which forex holds major significance. Not all of us our comfortable carrying cash wherever we go. A majority of travelers often get confused about how much money to carry

Unique indulgences in popular destinations in India for 2014 – Part 2

India’s diverse landscape offers thousands of unique different experiences to suit varied palate of Indian traveler’s. Since holidays are no more a bi-annual affair, wherein families set out on trips during the summer and puja/ winter vacation, destinations in India are gearing up for more to offer to the travel enthusiast that the customary rest-and-stay

Forex investment & trading picks up as economies shine

The improving health of economies around the world means that those with interest in forex trading are set to laugh all the way to the bank for the coming years. Significantly, the US Dollar is expected to rally in the near future with the US economy exhibiting signs of recovery and increasing resilience. The US

Lose your heart to Paris

Travel to the most romantic of European cities, soak in its vibrant culture and feel blessed as you stand at the top of an iconic landmark. Your trip to Paris is likely to be the one you will remember the most. The capital city of France is famous for its art, food and fashion that

Belgium – The beer paradise

If you talk about beer in Belgium, it is more than a frothy beverage. In Belgium, beer is a culture. With over 700 different varieties, beer in Belgium often has customized glasses in which only that particular beer should be served. They believe that the shape of each glass enhances the natural flavor of beer.

North East India – A gateway to virgin wilderness and exotic locales

The Fascinating North East part of India harbors some of the most spectacular tourist destinations in India, and even in Asia. Filled with green verdant valleys and lush lowlands, gurgling rapids and misty, moss-laden mountains, the landscape of the region is both spell bounding and serene. If you want to connect to your inner spirituality,

Enjoy Europe holidays with vacations in France, Belgium

Europe is a continent of attractive differences. The gorgeous Alps and the lulling Mediterranean Sea compete for the tourist’s attention as do historical buildings and culinary delights. Find out things to do on your Europe holidays, attractions, culture and more.European Dhamaka guarantees you the time of your life. Sample the best French wines, see the

Get serenaded by the tropical splendor of Mauritius

Think Mauritius and your mind will conjure up an image of unparalleled scenic beauty set amidst a tropical setting- an island paradise. Escaping into the tropical paradise of Mauritius is no less than attaining nirvana. With long stretches of white sandy palm-fringed beaches hugged by turquoise waters running forever and lavish hotels lining the beaches,

Go on a rendezvous in the land of kangaroos – Australia

Diversity, thy name is Australia. Call on your ‘mates’ and hop onto this joyride that is called Australia, for an exhilarating journey that will leave you bedazzled and enamored simultaneously. The sheer spectacle of diversity existing on the sixth largest nation in the world is seen to be believed. The robust repertoire of the land’s
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