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Nigel.Buthello Archive

Unique Ways How Different Cultures Celebrate Diwali In India

Diwali, the Festival of lights, is celebrated with much pomp and splendour all across India. Being the multi-cultural nation that we live in, many legends are associated with its rich culture. Each culture celebrates the festival in a different and special way. Keep reading on to find out about the unique ways different cultures celebrate

A Complete Travel Guide to the USA

Home to scenic views, golden beaches, snow-capped mountains and beautiful meadows, USA is truly one of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world. This beautiful country stretches across more than 3000 miles from coast to coast and has countless spots for you to visit. So if you’re heading here and don’t know where to

20 Fabulous Places To Visit In Ladakh

One of the most serene places in the world, breathtaking Ladakh is a dream holiday destination for many. Right from the lively hamlets around Leh and beautiful monasteries to the flavorful Himalayan cuisine, an enchanting vacation awaits you. Here’s a list of best places to visit in Ladakh for a perfect bucket list for your

7 unique places to celebrate the New Year in style

Bringing in the New Year is something everyone across the globe looks forward to. Thankfully, that moment is just around the corner. Rather than celebrating it the same old way amidst music and fireworks, why not do something different? Why not visit a place that does it differently? Interested? We’ve put together a list of

Dos and Don’ts when travelling in the Andaman Islands

It’s a blessing to experience a relaxing escape amidst a chaotic lifestyle and the best destination to rejuvenate is the Andaman Islands. With ideal climatic conditions all through the year and a rich cultural history, this island offers a unique holiday experience. But, it can get a little tedious to go around the place if

First trip to Europe? A 10-step guide for a great tour

Europe, there isn’t another place like this in the Universe! Its monuments unveil every layer of history and its natural scenery as diverse as it is, will leave you astounded. From wild to elegant, the countries of Europe bring together a melodious medley of cultures and landscapes, intriguing and mesmerizing. Before you experience the timeless

The A to Z of Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping is not just about buying things that you like. For some people shopping means staying up to date with fashion, for some, it’s a means of collection and for some, it’s simply a therapy. Does that remind you of the movie “the confession of a shopaholic”?  Well, it’s a story every shopaholic could relate

Preparing for Sri Lanka with 8 Simple Tips

British Colonial architecture, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and unbelievably delicious food – all make Sri Lanka the perfect holiday destination. If you haven’t been here, you surely may have heard of its beauty from friends or from travel magazines. So if you’re planning a trip to this gem of the Indian Ocean, you’ll need to

Travel to North East India: ‘The Hidden Jewels’

The winds of winter have begun making their way across the country, making it an amazing time to head out on a vacation with the family. Now while India surely is full of exciting vacation destinations, there are some places that not many know about. A good number of such places are present across the

Making the most of a week in Dubai

There are some vacation destinations that you could just pack up and head off to. But Dubai isn’t one of those. If you plan on heading to this Middle Eastern Marvel, you definitely need to sort out your plans in advance. The sheer number of things to do, see and explore, are enough to get

6 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Thailand

When you think of a leisure vacation destination, there is no better place than Thailand. It is filled to the brim with excitement and adventure. It has a landscape that will take your breath away and tempt you with a fantastic cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. With so many things to do and

A Small Travel Guide to make the most of Malaysia

Visit one of the most amazing vacation destinations in the world that’s Malaysia through Malaysia Tourism. It has a nightlife that will keep you on your feet till the sun comes up and beaches that draw away all your worries and stress. It is an unbeatable shopping destination for fashionistas and a paradise for foodies
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