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Anuradha Shankar Archive

Strolling along the Portuguese Coastal Way

If you have ever dreamt of a walk through a scene that seems to have come alive from a renaissance painting, Portugal is where you should be. The Portuguese Way or the Camino da Costa as it is popularly known, is an alternative route to the famous Camino de Santiago. One of the most celebrated

Explore Bali: The Indonesian Gem

The Indonesian island of Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Both adventure lovers and holiday mongers love visiting this beautiful island to spend a few days of fun and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city crowd. Bestowed with sun kissed beaches and ideal diving destinations, this

The temples of South India

The ancient legacy of India for which it is known worldwide is decently saved in its temples, which are likewise a famous travel fascination for travelers. Among the lot, the renowned ones in South India are the best of all. Reflecting the structural marvels of Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Nayaks, Kakatiyas and Vijayanagar rulers, celebrated the temples

Make your honeymoon special with international honeymoon packages

Honeymoon is the first joint vacation that most individuals plan as a married couple. Therefore, it is one vacation that is of utmost importance for both people involved and needs much planning. Most of the International honeymoon packages therefore aim to make the travel for newly weds easy and comfortable, so that they can make memories

Five must visit international travel destinations this year – Part 1

It is not an easy task to manage time from your hectic schedule to search options for your next vacation. If you are planning a holiday trip, then below mentioned is a list of the most coveted international travel destinations that you could visit during your holidays in 2014. Must Visit International Travel Destinations Rome,

Museums and art galleries in Turkey

Turkey’s burgeoning reputation as a cultural center has led to an explosion of art galleries and museums popping up across the country. These institutions seek to promote the works of both contemporary and classical artists. The museums and art galleries in Turkey are the storehouses of history of the numerous civilizations that have left their

Amazing water sports in Goa

Fun and frolic on the palm fringed beaches or splashing water on while surfing on the azure sea Goa has a lot to offer to the entertainment of its tourists. It is because of this unparalleled refreshing experience offered by Goa, that it has emerged as one of the most sought after tour destinations for

Five weekend destinations in India you can visit

India is truly a land of diversity, which exists in the vast tapestry of its culture, geography, language and people. Traveling in India, therefore is a revelation; each region is so significantly similar yet fundamentally dissimilar. This varied texture is what makes to travel experiences within the nation so unique. However, modern lifestyle entails unavailability

Five ways to make a hotel stay comfortable

Gone are the days when the first thing people would do after getting off a train is begin looking for a hotel. Now, with the convenience of online hotel booking, you can decide about your place of stay as soon as you fix the destination. To ensure a comfortable hotel stay every time, check out

Revisit the top five sitcoms of all time

They made us laugh out loud, they made us cry and they triggered our innermost emotions to give us the most wonderful moments ever witnessed on television. Sitcoms ushered a new era of light-hearted storylines on television that has continued to rule our hearts even years after these shows were taken off air. The most

Experience the thrill of Washington on waters

If you are ready to get wet during your trip to Washington, the state can offer you enough fun and leave you with memories for a lifetime. Famous for its rugged coastline, Washington State tour will take you to the Pacific Northwest region and present hundreds of coastal islands before you to explore. Washington –

Let Feni add fun and frolic to your Goa trip

Goa trip can leave you highly spirited in no time, and mind you, we are not speaking of the enlivening beaches here! Try Goan Cashew Feni on Your Goa Trip The local drink called Cashew Feni has grown widely global with its popularity, making it equally famous to (or may be even more than) the exotic Goan

Darjeeling – A melting point of amazing vistas and aromas

Picture the emerald of manicured tea estates and the stark blue of the sky merge into each other harmoniously with the rugged Himalayas against the backdrop of this startling combination of beauteous landscapes, and voila- you are in Darjeeling! The archetypal hill station is replete with pristine nature, a tourist friendly local crowd, beautiful landscape,
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