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Faruki Khan Archive

10 Reasons to Indulge in Madness of La Tomatina Festival in Spain

If you think of La Tomatina Festival, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara? That was one of those movies filled with multiple travel goals. Among the number of activities that the movie showcased, it was the La Tomatina festival, whose vibe and craze made many add Spain in

Welcome to the beautiful land of Syria

Make your holiday trip a memorable one, come to Syria and witness the land of marvelous architectural beauty of the primeval civilizations. The trip to Syria will definitely be a thrilling experience for you and your family. You will get to see the ancient citadels, Roman ruins and crusader castles as you go on to

Exploring Cairo through the ages

The Egyptian capital of Cairo is a backpacker’s delight. With sights ranging from as old as 4500 years back till the teeming souks of downtown, Cairo offers delight to every visitor. Travel to Cairo and experience the beauty in journey. Here are few of the places that may make a trip to Cairo seem like

Five most exciting trekking trails in India

India with its multiple territories and areas permit explorers stunning spots to climb and trek. Here are five most thrilling trekking trails in India that would be the choice of substance for any courageous travel addict. Snow Leopard Trek, Must Visit Trekking Trails in India Located in Ladakh, this trail is arranged in the outer Himalayas with

A weekend trip to Goa is all about fun and frolic

Availability of time is one of the many constraints of modern life. This impacts (extended) travel plans in a big way, leaving us with hardly any time to make a trip to faraway destinations. This is where weekend destinations come handy. Short and effective, these are the welcome breaks that help us break free of

Visit the wild and the exotic national parks of India

Exploring the beauty of national parks in India is a heady indulgence. Watching fearsome species of animals live, walk and relax in their natural habitat is a delightful and spectacular experience. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India are the ideal place to witness the imposing beauty of nature and the exotic wildlife. Irrespective of

Explore Malabar beyond Theyyams

Nestled between Western Ghats on one side and Arabian Sea on the other, Malabar is a beautiful city in South India. The Malabar Coast extends from south of Goa to Cape Comorin located in the southern most tip of India. Featuring beautiful historical port cities like Kannur, Calicut, Tellicherry and others, Malabar Coast served as

Indulge in exoticism while on Europe Holiday Packages

Think Europe and your mind conjures up images of lush green hills, gentle rolling plains, verdant valleys, misty mountains, crystalline lakes and exotic locales. Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It is on the bucket-list of travel destinations for most people across the world. It is also richly seeped in

Serenade the Andamans on your vacation this year

The Andamans have finally lost its dreaded tagline of “Kaalapani” or the Black Waters, a feared island where prisoners were deported during the British Raj. It is now one of the most sought after destinations in the country and attracts a bunch load of tourists every year. If you are on the lookout for lazy,

Top ten must-visit hill stations in India

If there are only two or three names that pop up in your mind every time you think about a hill stations in India, then here is something that can be really helpful. The vast landscape of India has much more to offer you than a mundane few. Below mentioned is a list of ten

Romancing abroad – Part 1

Romancing your partner amidst natural surroundings far away from the usual hubbub is something that you might be looking forward to. These romantic destinations around the world are definitely worth your visit whether you are about to start your life’s journey together after saying aloud your marriage vows or want to rekindle the old flame
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