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Mansi Shanbag Archive

Forex Cards Benefits & Uses

What are the essential items on your packing list that you never miss to carry while going on a foreign trip? You pack passport, visa, identity card, camera, international sim cards and a lot more. Every item has its own use and value during your foreign trip, but have you ever thought about Foreign Exchange?A

Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Himachal Pradesh

Located in North India, the mesmerizing state of Himachal Pradesh is flanked by Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Violently popular for its natural environment, hill stations, and temples, Himachal Pradesh has many articles written about itself. But, it has many facts unknown to most of the populace. We

Places To Visit In Gokarna- A Lesser Known Paradise

A goal like running out of pages in your passport is a goal worth living for! One such place that will satisfy your urge to travel as well as your mind is Gokarna, Karnataka. You can go with your family, your gang of friends or just solo it up, and Gokarna will be perfect for

How Travel Has Changed Over The Last 100 Years

The essence of living is travel. What you know now of travel may include checking information sources online, booking trips online or with agents, and following planned itineraries after scores of research. But the face of travel has seen that and more over the last 100 years. Oftentimes, we forget that necessary migration was also

Top Places to Visit in India to Click Photographs

Travelling is synonymous with clicking photographs that keep your memories alive in digital form. All you need is a spare pair of clothes and enough batteries for your camera! Here is a list of places we think are the top places to visit in India that would make the perfect screensaver on your computer. Top

30 Weird Sports Played Across The World

Sports bring people from across the world together. Hours and hours are spent perfecting the intricacies of these sports, to make sure they’re just the right amount of fun and competition. People in different regions have different kinds of sports liking which says a lot about their culture. Here is a list of weird sports that

30 Famous Indian Locations Where Bollywood Movies are Shot Frequently

Whether it is a Bollywood Movie or a sweet memory from your holiday, the backdrop always plays an important part. The beautiful sceneries shot in the Bollywood movies have always inspired us to plan a trip to those famous and delightful locations, especially when they are shot in India. I instantly wanted to plan a

20 Hill Stations in India You Must Visit This Summer

The summer heat and humidity in India is intolerable, but the hill stations in India come to your rescue welcoming you with incredible landscapes set against stunning backdrops and a cold climate all the way through. The hill stations in India, particularly the ones in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are certainly a treat to the

All You Need To Know About Mauritius Weather

A tropical island, and a beach lover’s paradise, Mauritius has been a coveted vacationing destination for quite some time now, and for a good reason! While the Mauritius weather remains marginally the same throughout the year, there are some factors that one needs to keep in mind before planning a visit to the beautiful island:

10 The Oldest Libraries in the World

Nothing is as romantic as old books with their own stories of the past etched all over their covers. If you are a bibliophile, you can’t deny the rush of nostalgia that hits you with the first whiff of old books, even though you have not been around to experience the bygone time they boast

10 Most forbidden islands of the world

The variety of vacationing ideas is multiplying even as we speak. Wildlife safaris, underwater diving, paragliding trips, treks, mountain climbing… There’s these and much more. How about a bunch of places from around the world that you can possibly never visit unless you really know elite people!? Here’s a list of the most forbidden islands
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