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Experience the magical souks of Dubai

The second largest emirate of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a beautiful tourist destination located in the Persian Gulf on the Southeast Coast. Emerging as a business hub and a global city, it has become a major attraction for travelers worldwide. The souks of Dubai are open air markets that are equivalent to the term

Best places to shop in Paris

Paris is often called the Mecca for Shopaholics. Paris is synonymous with quite a few things; food, art; beauty and most definitely shopping figure in that list! A trip to Paris is absolutely futile if one does not indulge in shopping. Here are few of the most sought places to shop in Paris. Best places

Five beautiful tourist attractions in Canada

Canada, the largest country of North America, is home to a mosaic spread of communities. Geographically it encompasses virgin forests, majestic mountains, pristine coastlines and of course the Arctic Tundra. Canada is vast and throws open a plethora of options when it comes to travelling. Here are five places you need to visit on your

Experience fun-reloaded on your vacation

Wondering how to make your vacation fun-filled? Whether it is for a week or a month, fun and enjoyment should be a priority when you are on vacation. Any holiday destination is experienced at its best when we get a proper chance to explore the options for merriment it offers. Below mentioned is a list

Why travelling without travel insurance is not advised?

Losing a bag that may have taken you hours to pack will obviously not feel good when you are out to have fun. More than your safety and the security of your dear ones or belongings, getting a travel insurance means that you can have peace of mind.Having insurance protection against unforeseen circumstances involving accidents

Experience a celebration of flowers and fragrances at flower shows

When God created the world, his most beautiful imagination led to the creation of flowers. If we take a close look at our lives we can see that the most special celebrations of our lives are adorned with flowers. When their beauty decorates our special moments and their fragrance fills the air, nothing creates an

Five most beautiful island countries you should visit

They are gorgeous, they are beautiful and they offer the most spectacular panoramic view of nature’s divine beauty. Island countries across the world are the most sought-after tourist destinations for those who seek exotic holidays. The turquoise sea, tranquil beaches and serene landscape gives these islands a perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday. The following

Dance to the tunes of the Zurich Street Parade

Located by the banks of River Limmat, Zurich pulsates throughout the year. Apart from its scenic splendor and almost impeccable climate for celebration, the city tops the list of world’s most coveted tourist destinations because of the event highlights in its calendar. From open air concerts celebrating the playful spirit of summer to the Magical

Make your way to the exotic Kerala backwaters

Ever wondered how it would feel to make your way to a tropical paradise and see the waves lap faster than your heartbeat? The coastal regions of Kerala and its network of waterways known as backwaters, estuaries, inlets, lakes and natural canals make Kerala one of the most coveted destinations for honeymooners across the globe.

Experience spiritual and gastronomic nirvana in Kerala

Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’ for a variety of reasons and when you visit the place, you will exactly know why it is called so. This quiet and serene backwater location boasts of an amazing repertoire of scenic delights that have the power to completely overwhelm your senses. This stretch of land is

Experience the pristine nature on ropeway during Mussoorie tour

Hanging on the ropes might not be pleasant always, but it is bound to be memorable when you go on a Mussoorie tour. Soaking in the natural beauty during your visit to the Queen of Hill stations, and that also while hanging in mid-air is definitely going to be a worthwhile experience. Mussoorie Tour –
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