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10 Reasons Why Mauritius Is Every Couple’s Favourite

10 Reasons Why Mauritius is Every Couple’s Favourite - Thomas Cook

Surreal beaches sprinkled with white sands, Mauritius offers the ideal romantic spots for couples looking for that perfect getaway. If you are looking for a private time with your better-half…Read More »

10 Most Beautiful Mauritius Beaches for an Ideal Holiday

10 Most Beautiful Mauritius Beaches for an Ideal Holiday

Be prepared to be enchanted when you visit Mauritius. Similar to various tropical islands this place is lush green and contains colourful vegetation all over the year. The pleasant climate…Read More »

25 Most Stunning Places to Visit In Mauritius

Serene beaches, calm white sands, lovely smiling locals – this is a typical image we conjure up when we mention “Mauritius”. These are highlights of the island nation. However, there…Read More »

All You Need To Know About Mauritius Weather

All You Need to Know About Mauritius Weather- Thomas Cook India Blog

A tropical island, and a beach lover’s paradise, Mauritius has been a coveted vacationing destination for quite some time now, and for a good reason! While the Mauritius weather remains…Read More »

Know all about Mauritius – The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

Know All About Mauritius – The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean

A perfect getaway is one where you can indulge in exhilarating, breathtaking activities on one day, and laze around on a beach chair sipping exotic cocktails on the next. One…Read More »

Best time to visit Mauritius – Climate and Activities

Best Time to Visit Mauritius – Climate And Activities - Thomas Cook Blog

Mauritius is a tropical island located just 2000 km off the south-east coast of Africa. The Mauritius island has a pleasant climate almost throughout the year. Unlike eastern countries such…Read More »

What if Mauritius did not have beaches?

What If Mauritius Did Not Have Beaches? - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog

Mauritius is famous across the world for its heavenly beauty. And, there is definitely no questioning the sapphire blue waters and immaculate beaches. But if we ask you how would Mauritius…Read More »

6 Reasons Mauritius holidays deserve to be on your travel bucket list

6 Reasons Mauritius Holidays Deserve to be on Your Travel Bucket List

We all long for a relaxing escape amidst our chaotic lifestyle. Mauritius is the closest thing to heaven on earth in every possible way. This small yet beautiful Island boasts…Read More »

Paradise Island 101: The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide

Paradise Island 101: The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide - Thomas Cook

Mark Twain once wrote ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven. Heaven being a replica of Mauritius’. He was absolutely right, Mauritius is mesmerizing! The pristine turquoise waters that surround Mauritius…Read More »

Plan a trip to Mauritius – the closest thing to heaven on earth

Plan a Trip to Mauritius – The Closest Thing to Heaven on Earth

Whether you wish to dine under the star-lit sky, enjoy endless pampering in the spa, or explore the magnificent sites of the island, the graceful charm of Mauritius never cease…Read More »

10 Amazing Water Sports in Mauritius for the Daredevils

10 Amazing Water Sports in Mauritius for The Daredevils - Thomas Cook

Mauritius holidays are not all about honeymooning and romancing. The glorious land of immaculate beaches and archipelago waters also offers travellers an opportunity to indulge in exhilarating water sports. If you haven’t tried…Read More »

5 Awesome Things to do in Mauritius

5 Awesome Things to do in Mauritius - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog

Have you ever thought about living on an island? Mauritius is a fascinating island in the Indian Ocean in cen Mascarenes. The very name conjures up images of tropical sun…Read More »

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