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Europe Archive

12 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

A stunning coastline, lakes and mountains Italy boasts of an extraordinary holiday in the making. Exploring history, art, food, music, architecture, culture, sacred sites, charming villages, picturesque sceneries and interacting with friendly people – there are so many things to do in Italy that you’re simply spoilt for choices. Though the best time to visit

10 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Greece

Think Greece, and the quaint white buildings topped with azure and framed by the Aegean Sea jumps into the mind in a heartbeat. But there’s much more to explore on your Grecian holiday. This little glimpse into what Greece has in store for you shall make you want to jet-set and go right off the

Our honeymoon in Eastern Europe was not less than a fairytale

Srijan Chakraborty has recently come back from his honeymoon in Europe, which he claims is his best holiday till date. Let’s hear how the eclectic beauty of Eastern Europe boosted the romantic quotient between Srijan and the love of his life.   Our trip to Eastern Europe was definitely the best trip till date, as

20 Magnificent Places To Visit In Switzerland

Picture the snow-clad mountain tops, pine trees on the road, clear blue skies and lots of chocolate and cheese. In not so many words, this is Switzerland; one of the best places to visit, irrespective of your itinerary. Planning a honeymoon package? Switzerland is the answer. Want to see pristine virgin beauty; Switzerland has all

20 blissfully beautiful places to visit in Paris

So what do you do if Paris has charmed you to visit her? Simple. You pack your bags, carry your best shoes and head out to explore Paris. Once you find yourself in the city, you will realise that what the pundits say about Paris is true. That in every hidden corner and at all

The best and the cheapest places to travel in Europe

If you’ve been dreaming about your first tour abroad, Europe is fairy-tale that waits to unfold. We are sure you are wondering why Europe when it is known to be an expensive affair. Well, well we have a surprise for you! The Europe we are talking about is breathtakingly beautiful and also friendly for your

This V’Day Explore 6 Hotspots to Travel With Your Bae

The season of love is just around the corner! Have you been planning to propose to her or ask for her hand in marriage? Or are you planning to propose to her all over again to rekindle the love? The best way to do that is to whisk her far away to a place that

First trip to Europe? A 10-step guide for a great tour

Europe, there isn’t another place like this in the Universe! Its monuments unveil every layer of history and its natural scenery as diverse as it is, will leave you astounded. From wild to elegant, the countries of Europe bring together a melodious medley of cultures and landscapes, intriguing and mesmerizing. Before you experience the timeless

How to plan a Europe trip on a budget

Europe is an exceptionally irresistible and charming continent. The only thing that can keep a traveller from planning a trip to this beautiful continent is money, for it is an expensive region to explore. However, if you think you can’t take a Europe trip on a limited budget, we will break the myth for you.

8 Things a Switzerland Tour has in store for you

One of the Europe’s most prized possessions is the serene country of Switzerland. Right from its amazing cuisine and its calm lakes, everything about the country exemplifies a peaceful life. So what are the things that you should definitely explore on your Switzerland tour? Things to do on your Switzerland Tour Go Hiking: Switzerland’s landscape is

5 places to visit in Europe

Europe is home to stunning architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful people. If you plan on visiting Europe this summer, then we have the perfect list for you to explore. Presenting 5 places to visit in Europe that will help you make the most of the land of blue waters and vibrant culture. London: Once here,

10 Cities to visit for a road trip in Europe  

Whether you are a road trip enthusiast, a backpacker or simply love travelling, you surely have a list of places you want to visit all over the world. But what if you could take a road trip and visit many of those beautiful cities in one go? That would surely make for an interesting vacation.

Making the most of your honeymoon trip to Switzerland

When it comes to important occasions in life, your wedding is definitely the most important and awaited one.. What makes this moment and celebration of a new beginning all the more special is the honeymoon that follows. Needless to say the honeymoon has to be an equally special and romantic affair, something that you will
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