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Europe Archive

Enjoy Europe holidays with vacations in France, Belgium

Europe is a continent of attractive differences. The gorgeous Alps and the lulling Mediterranean Sea compete for the tourist’s attention as do historical buildings and culinary delights. Find out things to do on your Europe holidays, attractions, culture and more.European Dhamaka guarantees you the time of your life. Sample the best French wines, see the

Fall in love yet again with Europe holidays in Germany, Switzerland

Europe is a traveler’s paradise. Tourists will be swept of their feet by the beauty of the cities and countryside of the continent. And the European Dhamaka gets only better when you visit Germany. It is the largest country in central Europe and has several flourishing cultures that attract thousands of tourists each year. Germany

It is a Bella vita in Italy

Italy is an overwhelming canvas of art and beautiful architectural heritage, moving in a poetic trance to embrace all on an Italy tour. Here, the ancient and the modern co-exist in melodious harmony. Famous names are strewn across haphazardly, such as Dante, Titian and Verdi, and more recently, Prada, Gualtiero Marchesi and Renzo Piano. Beauty

Spain – A wild potpourri of food, culture and landscape

If you can move away from the stereotypes that hold sway over this richly diverse nation, Spain is a revelation waiting to behold. The extreme beauty and diversity of the Spanish landscape has been able to stroke numerous passionate literatures about the country.From the lofty crowns of the Pyrenees to the Picos de Europa, to

Belgium, A gourmet of experiences at your fingertips

Welcome to the land of the beers and the mussels – Belgium. This amazing European nation boasts of an impressive art and culture, history and numerous unique UNESCO sites. It is very common to find yourself getting caught up in a colorful carnival on the streets of Belgium, next to which even those of Rio

Get enamored by picture postcard Germany

The country is the birthplace of prolific historical figures like Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven, and the Grimm Brothers. It has also a long course in history, the impact of which is played out in abundance in its many castles, timbered villages, streets and old buildings. This European nation is always at

A panorama of Alpine beauty awaits you in Switzerland

Look around This perennially popular tourism hub has a bunch of offerings to keep tourists engaged. At the heart of Swiss tourism lies Zurich, the beauty of which is accentuated by the presence of Lake Zurich, set amidst the backdrop of the snowy Alps. The other cities to check out in Switzerland are Geneva, Lucerne

Athens: of Time Immemorial

One of the oldest cities of the world as we know it, Athens is one of the most sought after destinations for international holidays. The perfect amalgamation of heritage and contemporary, of traditions and urban frenzy; Athens is one of those places which has way more to offer than you could possibly expect. It is

Why Europe is Backpacker’s Heaven

Romantic, alluring and absolutely stunning, Europe has long held the fancy of people worldwide. With its old world charm, historical background and intriguing culture, Europe remains a favorite. From Barcelona to Austria, there is much to see and do. What makes this beautiful continent even more special is its accessibility. Things to do in Europe


Robin William’s Good Morning, Vietnam gave us an overview of the dragon shaped country in South-east Asia. But what doesn’t fail to enthrall are the famous rice padded fields, the locals in conical-shaped straw hats, and a land of ancient traditions all captured into temples of wonder. Come and explore Vietnam’s hot spots with Thomas Cook.

Christmas in Paris

Paris is the perfect Christmas destination. Glittering streets, Christmas markets, vin chaud (mulled wine), and French cuisine at its best, all topped with the perfect Christmas weather. A Paris tour is guaranteed to spoil you with its charms at Christmas. Starting mid-November the Christmas spirit takes over in the city with the Christmas market opening

Art and Soul: Rediscovering Berlin

A dynamic and progressive city, the local art scenes in Berlin are a reflection of its unique history and colourful present. We put together a list of street-art pieces that make Berlin the mecca of the urban art world. Here are few good reasons for rediscovering Berlin. Rediscovering Berlin With Famous Pieces of Street Art

Switzerland Attractions: Experience Paradise on Earth

A land characterized by cultural diversity, snow capped Alpines, rich cuisine, enthralling natural beauty and adventure sports; Switzerland is a tourist’s paradise. One cannot get enough of this enchanting country best known for its untarnished natural beauty, fine cheeses and exotic chocolate. Enjoy international holidays with Thomas Cook. Things to do in Switzerland Switzerland is
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