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Europe Archive

Places for Shopping in Switzerland that are Off the Beaten Track

Locked in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is nothing short of a beautiful wonder. With the snow-covered mountains and glistening lakes amidst beautiful trees, Switzerland looks like it has been taken out of a dream. Particularly talking about this nation, it can be called one among the best in Europe to enjoy the stunning views

Memorable Things to Do in Switzerland for a Lifetime Experience

Whenever anyone talks about Switzerland the first thing that comes to mind is the spectacular image of the Alps. From pristine beauty to the world’s best chocolate, from  This country has something to offer for every type of tourist. If you are looking for a list of exciting things to do in Switzerland, read on.

26 Most Scintillating Places to See in Scandinavian Countries

We all know that Europe is breathtakingly beautiful, but the Scandinavian Countries namely, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland are perhaps the most beautiful not just in Europe but the entire world. These countries together come under the famous Scandinavia tourism circuit and each of them is worth exploring. As a major highlight of Scandinavia

Places for Shopping in Italy for the Shopaholic in You!

Wherever you go throughout the country, there are going to be various shopping destinations. This is not because of the seemingly exciting tourism in the country, but because shopping is a basic necessity for the people living in Italy. If you go to the larger cities in Italy, you will be able to find huge

A Bucket List of Places to visit in Europe

With history written all over its streets, Europe is a continent with the most vibrant culture and tumultuous history that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Be it the famous Gustave’s Eiffel Tower in Paris or the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome; Europe draws people like a magnet.There are many places

A Shopaholic’s Guide to Shopping in Croatia

Along the Adriatic Sea in Eastern Europe lies a spectacular country that is known for its thousands of small islands. Blessed with a beautiful coastline, a portion of the Alps, museums and renaissance buildings, Croatia is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe. The country shares its border with Italy on its west, Slovenia

5 Palaces in Europe owned by Royal Families

Europe has plenty of castles that range from old gems to modern residence each one more unique than the other. Some of these palaces have wins needed numerous battles and wars and now lay in ruins while others have thrived for years due to the preservation and are filled with tales of tragedy, heroism and

A Sneak-peek Into Virushka’s Wedding Destination – Tuscany

While Virat and Anushka tied the knot, the world is still in awe of this grand affair that took place in the most beautiful and second most expensive wedding destination in the world. If sources are to be believed, Anushka had been planning her wedding for a year and zeroed down on Tuscany in Italy,

20 Best Things To Do In Rome

If you were to pack a city with the world’s greatest artworks, museums, churches, ancient ruins and architectural masterpieces, then that city would easily be Rome. The Italian capital is renowned for its extremely rich history and culture, which greatly contributes towards Italy tourism. Holding some of the most well-known monuments and structures in the

25 Amazing Things To Do In Greece Before You Die

Greece, apart from its natural beauty, has always invoked the fancy in us to get soaked in to its mythical ancient history. However, there is more to Greece than just its history. Apart from its ancient archaeological structures, there’s a plethora of picturesque islands and beaches, that make Greece one of the best European destinations

10 Things To Do In Santorini – A Sheer Beauty Worth Capturing

Santorini is one of the most beautiful archipelagoes in Greece island. It is a mix of bright turquoise water, towering cliffs, whitewashed village and Grecian architecture. It’s a surreal place, a place that might appear in your dreams. Before this dream turns into reality, we want you to know all amazing things to do in Santorini.

Wondering Where To Go On Your First Europe Trip?

A trip to Europe is the big daddy of all vacations. It is the most sought-after, fantasised about, and exhilarating of all vacations for any traveller. And it isn’t surprising, because Europe, as a continent, holds so many beautiful countries and these countries have so many beautiful cities. Europe is like a treasure trove and

12 Best Places To Visit In Spain – The Land Of Setting Sun

Spain is a scintillating mix of amazing art, ancient history, and glorious Spanish culture. From heavenly beaches to lip smacking food, this European haven has it all. Here’s a guide to best places to visit in Spain. Best Places to Visit in Spain 1. Beautiful Barcelona One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Barcelona
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