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Europe Archive

Best places to shop in Paris

Paris is often called the Mecca for Shopaholics. Paris is synonymous with quite a few things; food, art; beauty and most definitely shopping figure in that list! A trip to Paris is absolutely futile if one does not indulge in shopping. Here are few of the most sought places to shop in Paris. Best places

Explore Iceland to experience paradise on Earth

Iceland, which boasts of Norsemen and Vikings, now inhabited by their fiery descendents is the lovechild of the Northern Hemisphere. Experience the confluence of the concrete marvels of modern civilization, the color of independent youth and the raw and harsh, icy expanse of natural wonders spread across a rugged terrain of volcanic landscapes; a picture

A weekend getaway to Belgium

Whether you want to enjoy some fun time with your family or you are looking for a perfect location to relax and indulge, a weekend getaway to Belgium can be the best option to explore fun and adventure like never before. From cute to cozy and from wow to wonderful, Belgium is home to exceptionally

Indulge in exoticism while on Europe Holiday Packages

Think Europe and your mind conjures up images of lush green hills, gentle rolling plains, verdant valleys, misty mountains, crystalline lakes and exotic locales. Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It is on the bucket-list of travel destinations for most people across the world. It is also richly seeped in

A weekend city break in Hamburg, Germany

Located by the banks of the majestic Elbe River in Northern Germany, Hamburg is a beautiful port city with a population of about two millions. From the bricked lanes of St. Pauli to the very impressive Speicherstadt warehouse district, Hamburg is a beautiful harbor city and home to the perfect ambiance for a vibrant and

Discover Paris – the land of haute couture and fashion capital

When you ask a novelist to weave a tale of romance or when a painter intends to bring the most romantic backdrop to his canvas, it is the image of Paris from which they draw inspiration. Intrinsically beautiful and loaded with history, Paris is ruling the world of fashion for almost three centuries now. The

Living Italy through its cultures and heritage

A land defined by its architecture extraordinaire and princely cultures, Italy offers a celestial landscape for a magnificent holidays. The country is simply a wonderland that didn’t let fragments of history wither away with passage of time. It almost seems like this country preserved the rudiments of its ancient glory with a solemn blanket. On

Lose your heart to Paris

Travel to the most romantic of European cities, soak in its vibrant culture and feel blessed as you stand at the top of an iconic landmark. Your trip to Paris is likely to be the one you will remember the most. The capital city of France is famous for its art, food and fashion that

Belgium – The beer paradise

If you talk about beer in Belgium, it is more than a frothy beverage. In Belgium, beer is a culture. With over 700 different varieties, beer in Belgium often has customized glasses in which only that particular beer should be served. They believe that the shape of each glass enhances the natural flavor of beer.

Spice up your holidays with exciting outdoor activities in Switzerland

Spectacular scenery, world-class infrastructure and an amazing environment makes Switzerland one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. The dramatic landscape of the place paints a perfect setting to enjoy outdoor activities in Switzerland. Switzerland is a happening place, hence there are plenty of things to do in the country all year-round. For

Discover the magic and mystery of museums in France

For more than two decades now, France is standing at the helm as one of the most loved tourist destinations for people from across the globe. The picturesque European countryside, its sophisticated culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cuisines, finest wines and the romantic chateaux presents a perfect blend to attract no less than 82 million visitors
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