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Things we need to learn from these happiest countries in the world

Did you know that Bhutan prefers calculating its GDP in the terms of Happiness? Did you also know that some happiest countries (we’d rather not name them) overwork their employees so much that sleeping at work is considered hardworking? Happiness, in today’s dog-eat-dog world, is hardly considered a parameter to gauge how wonderful the country

Is Goa only your WhatsApp group’s name?

Young or old, rich, middle class or poor, Goa is everyone’s dream! The welcoming beaches, the carefree spirit, the chilling alcohol sessions in shacks and the party till you drop nights, Goa is a way of life we yearn for! Woah, the thought of Goa has surely stirred the pent up excitement in you’ll. You

20 Hottest Hippie Cities Across the World

The 60s surely marked the beginning of the hippie culture. It was the time when people with a free soul wandered around the world without any attachment. Slowly, in this journey, they met one another and formed a group, which soon became the hippie revolution. The 60s are long gone, but the hippie culture is

The best and the cheapest places to travel in Europe

If you’ve been dreaming about your first tour abroad, Europe is fairy-tale that waits to unfold. We are sure you are wondering why Europe when it is known to be an expensive affair. Well, well we have a surprise for you! The Europe we are talking about is breathtakingly beautiful and also friendly for your

10 reasons your traveling plans fail

Who doesn’t like to travel? Travel goals are bigger than life goals, because it is travel that keeps us sane in this world full of madness. Well, that being the truth, there’s also another harsh truth, every day numerous traveling plans fail. Wrapped in the blanket of ‘umm maybe, I will let you know and

Have you added these places on your travel bucket list?

‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’. Do you say this to yourself often? Do you believe that a year is incomplete if you haven’t travelled and had a unique experience? If yes, this blog is crafted for you! We want you to remember that a job can fill your pocket, but it is

Reasons you should spend your money on experiences, not things

All of us toil day in and day out to keep our wallets happy. It is time to stop and think what is it that really brings us happiness. The joy that comes from spending money on consumables like clothes, houses, cars, technology etc. don’t last forever. They fade away, right? Most of us look

You are allowed to put Wanderlust in your bio only if…

Why stay put in one place, when you can experience the beauty in every corner of the world? With this dream to see the world, Wanderlust is one term we all desire to be consumed by, but it can’t be attained just by desiring. To righteously put ‘Wanderlust’ in your bio, you have to be

Science says travelling improves your health and relationships

A wise man once said, ‘Health is wealth’. We have heard this gazillion times and have taken the usual remedies like regular exercise, a healthy diet and what not! Well, there is one fool-proof way to improve your health and overall well-being at one shot, and that’s travel! Amazingly unbelievable, isn’t it? Travelling a quarter keeps

Live in the woods like a boss

Endless timelines, pressing deadlines, long meetings, out of the blue conference calls and mountains of stress, this is our lives in a nutshell. The city life has engulfed us in its rough charm and we have settled for it. Pause everything and experience something beautiful in the arms of nature this summer. Experience life in

What does your travel horoscope say?

Travel because it sets you free! All of us look for that one chance to pack our bags, chalk out a destination and escape to the mountains, the oceans or the waterfalls. While you make your plans, have you ever wondered your horoscope has a lot to say about your travel habits and where you
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